21 Parenting Tweets To Prepare You For Life With Kids In The New Year


The New Year is almost here, and I couldn't be happier. By the looks of these last few months of 2016, I'm sure that there are many people who will join me in feeling the same. For parents, the New Year may not offer that much of a change, but being able to see your children grow is enough to get anyone excited. Although New Year's Eve probably won't be spent the same way for parents as they will for those without children, when I went through this week's roundup of parenting tweets, I found a few gems that are super accurate for what life in 2017 with kids will be like.

Sure, some of the tweets are exactly what parents go through now, but I think that's the point. Though the year on the calendar may change, being a parent won't. That means you'll still be changing poopy diapers and manage to find a way to love it just as much as you did in 2016. There's really no way to prepare for the New Year as a parent, but just in case you're looking for a few things to expect, these 21 tweets are sure to let you in on the secret.


This is real life.

2New Year Cleaning

At least you tried.


You're almost there.

4Parenting Tip

Or three days after the New Year

5Sound Of Music

What's on the list of Disney movies for 2017? Asking so I can pick the soundtrack up for my kids.

6Theme Songs

This is definitely being brought into the New Year.

7Christmas Joys

Maybe in 2017?

8Dusty Feet

Maybe when you're five, kid.

9No More Nap Time

I guess someone is starting their New Year's resolutions a little early.

10Diaper Days

Can we talk about this next year?

11Super Mom

Watch her go.

12Burning Calories

2017 weight goals started early.

13Christmas Treats

Let's take it to the New Year, shall we?

14Say My Name

This will never get old.

15Sharing Is Caring

Let me tell you, it doesn't stop at the toddler stage.


Welcome to the New Year.

17First Shift

And the last one, too.

18Temper Tantrum

There's no way to calm it down.

19Easy Does It

Who makes this stuff up?

20The Year Of Change

It's not even a new year yet and it's turning around.

21Good Parents

If you're looking for a way to impress the kids in 2017, here's an idea.