21 Raising Baby Memes That Sum Up All That Is Good & Gross About Parenting


Being a mom can be equal parts funny and frustrating. For every cuddle and kiss, there is sure to be a mess to follow. But you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The Twitterverse is full of parents who are laughing, crying, and just plain shaking their heads at their daily adventures in parenting. And fortunately, they found time to share their raising baby memes with all of us, because after all, we are in this parenting thing together.

If you've ever wondered why you can never have a clean house, get anywhere on time, or pee in peace anymore, these memes will show you that it's all just a part of the job. The one thing all kids have in common is that they go out of their way to make sure you know you are always needed — even if it is to clean up spills, carry small toys in your purse, or help them retrieve the Lego they dropped in the toilet.

So if you're need of a good laugh, find a quiet place (if you can), and check out some of these memes that do a great job of summing up all that is good, bad, and gross about being a mom.

1There's No Such Thing As Eight Hours Of Sleep

Toddler Tornado on Twitter

Any new mom will tell you that sleep is like a precious stone, and finding time for it is just as rare.

2Your Purse Will Become A Dumpster

Scary Mommy on Twitter

You may want to look before you reach into your purse from now on. You'll go in for your keys and pull out a half-eaten granola bar...or worse.

3Give Up On Your Dreams Of A Clean House

PackageFromSanta.com on Twitter

Don't stress yourself out trying to pickup after your little ones. Their stuff will undoubtedly take over your entire house.

4Forget About Being On Time

Jane on Twitter

From now on, treat every outing like a trip to the airport. Be sure to add in extra time for everyone to put their shoes on.

5You're Tired? So What?

Cry It Out Mom on Twitter

Your kid will have no regard for you being tired. In fact, those are the times when they'll need you the most.

6You're Always On

smarTrike® on Twitter

It's an unspoken kid rule to save up everything they need until mom is on the phone, watching television, or reading — basically anything that's all about her.

7Say Goodbye To Your Friends For A While

Kimberly on Twitter

Time for brunch with the girls falls way down on the list after dance recitals and soccer practice.

8Keep One Eye On Your Kid At All Times

This Mom needs a nap on Twitter

Turn your back on a toddler, and you're bound to come back to a surprise.

9They Must See Everything For Themselves

Heather @ OPC on Twitter

Because they'll never believe you if you tell them that all of the apples are the same.

10Yes, It Is A Job

WhatLaraWrote on Twitter

Don't get it twisted, she may spend most of her days at the playground, but being a stay-at-home mom is definitely work.

11Given The Opportunity, You'd Gladly Go Down For A Nap

Life is in Beta on Twitter

Kids have no idea how good they have it.

12Bring On The Waterworks

The Mommy Guide on Twitter

You'll certainly celebrate every milestone, but in the back of your mind, you'll be thinking that they're one step closer to college.

13Don't Enjoy The Silence

PackageFromSanta.com on Twitter

If you haven't heard a peep from your toddler in a while, be afraid. Be very afraid.

14Even The Bathroom Isn't Sacred Space

Kristen Chandler on Twitter

When you have kids, you'd better get comfortable with doing your business with an audience. Little ones have no regard for a closed door.

15Buying Things For Yourself Is A Treat

TJRT⚡️❤️ on Twitter

From now on, a trip to your favorite clothing store will make you feel like a celebrity.

16Your Bed Is No Longer Your Own

HeyGirlHey on Twitter

One of life's great mysteries: How can the smallest person in the house occupy the most real estate in the bed?

17Breaking Up Fights Is All In A Day's Work

Meghan Howard on Twitter

Having more than one kid guarantees that they will occupy each other's time. It also guarantees that you will spend most of your time busting up some pretty major sibling squabbles.

18You'd Gladly Trade Places With Your Kid

Parent haikus on Twitter

Be sure to remind your kids in twenty years how hard they fought you on being pushed around in a pimped out ride and forced to sleep in the middle of the day.

19Payback Is Real

Jenny Schoberl on Twitter

If you're a parent, it will soon be clear to you that you made your parent's lives miserable.

20Kids Will Take Over Your Social Media Accounts

Becky Bauman on Twitter

If you do have time for Facebook and Instagram, chances are, your feed will be full of baby pics.

21You'll Forget What A Hot Meal Is Like

Krystal Robbins on Twitter

By the time you serve everyone, dish out seconds, and clean up spills, you'll probably have lost your appetite.