21 Raising Toddler Memes That Every Parent Gets


Raising a toddler can be tough. According to my friends and family members, toddlers are some of the most confusing beings to deal with because they never know what they want. From changing what they want to eat in less than two seconds to throwing a fit over their show going on commercial, toddlers have a tendency to take the sanity out of the day. Since those I know with toddlers are always looking for a way to laugh at their pain, every time I see raising toddler memes floating around, I'm sure to send it their way.

Although I'm not super familiar with what it feels like to live with a toddler day to day, I'm living vicariously through everyone I know who has one. My sister, who shares almost every detail of my niece's toddler phase with me, has especially given me a front row seat to toddler parenting 101. So when I share any meme with her, I know for sure she can relate and will find it funny.

Of course I know parenting isn't easy and not everything will be funny, but what's life if you can't find a reason to laugh? If you can agree with that, then these 21 memes about raising toddlers are sure to brighten up your day.

1Either Or

It's hard out here.

2Body Like Mine

Toddlers are not exempt from this.

3Just Kidding

Thought you were free to go, huh?

4Chasing Toddlers

Close enough, right?

5Looking Comfortable

Who can relate?

6Thief In The Night

Truer than true.

7Close In Age

Never a dull moment.

8Me Vs. You

Sounds about right.


So very accurate.


Give me some down time, please.


They don't care about your sleep or your food.

12Unattended Objects

Or you'll have to deal with a Sharpie wearing child.

13You Can Eat It

Give them the world and they will change their mind.

14Sleepless Nights

Can goodnight really be goodnight?

15Breakfast For Mom

True life.

16Allergic To Sleep

When you find the remedy, please share.

17App Maniacs



Why do they even have their own rooms?

19Time For Bed

Just kidding.


PJ Masks will give you the same result.

21Challenge Accepted

How do they never get tired of bread?