21 Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Your Co-Workers Will Love

When I worked an office job, the most enjoyable part of the holiday season was our Secret Santa exchange. Not because I wanted a new gift, but because it was interesting to see how people chose gifts for the person they picked. Secret Santa gives people the opportunity to get both creative and meaningful with gifts, so being aware of some Secret Santa gift ideas that your co-workers will love will give you a jumpstart on choosing.

Regardless if you're BFFs with your co-worker or barely know them, the gift that you choose will let them know if you put thought into their gifts or not. Being that most people spend majority of their day with the people they work with, knowing at least one thing that interests them shouldn't be hard to discover. Many individuals talk about the things they like and dislike with their co-workers in daily conversations, so the key is to start paying attention as early as you can.

For me, Secret Santa was always fun because I couldn't wait to see the face of the co-worker I chose when they opened my gift. It was truly a joyous experience for me and I'm sure they enjoyed the fact that I was able to nail something that they liked with my gift, too.

If you need a little inspiration for your co-workers this year, these 21 gifts should give you a little guidance to pick up the perfect gift for them.


For The Co-Worker Prone To Stress

AromaPod, $14, Amazon

Tired of hearing that one co-worker talk about how stressed they are day in and day out? Gift them with the AromaPod to help them get back on track.


For The Coffee Lover

Thermometer Heat Cup, $11, Amazon

This battery color changing thermometer heat cup is a unique and fitting gift for the coffee lover in the office.


For The One Who Loves To Stay Organized

Hand Pen Holder, $18, Amazon

If your co-worker is a stickler for keeping their desk organized and together, then this hand pen holder with magnetic back is a good choice.


For The Snack Lover

Mini Donut Maker, $23, Staples

Know a co-worker that just can't stop snacking? Gift them with this mini donut maker to save them a few coins.


For The One Who's Always Cold

Ceramic Heater, $16, Walmart

Some days are often colder than the next when in the office, so gifting your always chilly friend with a ceramic heater will make them love you much more than before.


For The One With Aches & Pains

King Size Heating Pad, $17, Amazon

Office stress can bring about unwanted aches and pains for everyone. So gifting your co-worker with this king size heating pad will be a much appreciated gift.


For The One Who Always Breaks Their Phone

OtterBox Phone Case, $18, Walmart

Tired of seeing that broken phone screen on your co-workers desk? This OtterBox phone case would be the perfect gift to give this year.


For The Makeup Lover

Flower Travel Brush Set, $17, Walmart

Is there a makeup lover in the office? Gift them with this chic five piece Flower ultimate travel brush set.


For The Dapper Fellow

Monogrammed Pocket Squares, $12, Lands' End

Gift the most stylish man in your office with his own monogrammed pocket squares.


For The Stylish Lady

The Little Dictionary of Fashion, $16, Amazon

What do you get the office's lady of style? Christian Dior's The Little Dictionary of Fashion, of course


For The Music Lover

Brookstone Swivel Speaker, $10, Amazon

The swivel speaker from Brookstone is the optimal gift to give to the office music lover this year.


For The Nap Lover

Olde Book Pillow Classics, $20, Think Geek

What better gift is there to give the always yawning, can't keep their eyes open, "I need a nap" sayer in the office than one of these olde book pillow classics?


For The Work Spouse

Rabbit Cocktail Mixer, $22, Amazon

With all of the stories you and your work spouse have exchanged with one another, gifting them this cool electric cocktail mixer will help them cope when you're not around.


For The One You Don't Know Much About

Charger Keychain, $20, Amazon

Have a co-worker you know nothing about? Gift them with this charger keychain because everyone needs a charger.


For The One Who Hates Germs

Wine Bars, $7, Etsy

Made with real wine, coconut oil, avocado oil and more, these wine bars will be a great gift for the co-worker that loves to stay clean.


For The Pet Lover

Dog Selfie Stick, $13, Amazon

The perfect gift for the co-worker that's always posting selfies with their pet, the dog selfie stick will have their timeline on puppy pic overload.


For The One Who Loves To Write

Nicole Miller Notebook, $10, Office Depot

Need a gift for the writer of the bunch? This casebound notebook from Nicole Miller is the right fit.


For The One Who Loves To Cook

Stackable Mason Jar Measuring Cups, $13, World Market

If you have a co-worker who loves to spend time in the kitchen, then this set of stackable mason jar measuring cups will be a cool gift for them.


For The Popcorn Eater

Organic Kettle Corn Popcorn, $22, Project Pop

There's always that one co-worker that will choose to snack on popcorn over anything, so gifting them with a two-pack of Project Pop's organic kettle corn popcorn will be a true treat.


For The Avid Traveler

Engraved Luggage Tags, $9, Pottery Barn

Pick up these engraved luggage tags for your co-worker who's always globetrotting.


For The Book Reader

Stainless Steel Bookends, $20, Amazon

These stainless steel bookends are a great gift to give the avid book reader in your office clan.