21 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 That'll Make Everyone Wish You'd Pulled Their Name

Secret Santa is an awesome way to celebrate the holidays without having to break the bank. You can usually find a fantastic gift for under $20, and instead of having to buy for 12 people, you can whittle your list down to one without anybody feeling left out. And, the present exchange is a good excuse for a holiday party (as if you needed an excuse.)

But let's be honest: when you're part of a Secret Santa, the pressure is on. Your gift will be opened in front of the entire group, and — if you're anything like me — you'll want to make sure your present is one of the most well-received gifts at the party. Getting an amazing present for your Secret Santa can be a challenge. There's always the chance that you pick someone you don't know very well (especially if it's an office party!). And Secret Santa exchanges usually come with a price limit which, while great on your wallet, makes finding the perfect present more complicated. So how can you totally win this year's exchange?

Think outside the box. While it's fine to stick to a classic and universal present, like a box of chocolates or a Christmas candle, why not find a gift that is perfectly suited to your Secret Santa? Whether you've pulled the name of a world-traveller, a coffee fiend or an avid reader, we've got the perfect gift for you — all under $20.


For The Foodie

Everything tastes better with Sriracha, so give the gift of flavor with Urban Outfitter's Sriracha to-go bottle keychain. It's only $8, so you can even buy a full bottle of the good sauce to go with it, this way they're always ready for refills.


For The Wino

You can buy your favorite wine enthusiast a silly wine glass, but chances are they already have one (or five.) Instead, gift this ceramic coffee mug with a twist, for $15 on Amazon.


For The Snow Bunny

Winter accessories like scarves, hats and mittens are a good option for giving a nice gift under the $20 limit. Try H&M's wool-blend cable-knit hat for just $13 — cozy, cute and cheap!


For The Friend Obsessed With 'Friends'

Whether your friend is more of a Rachel or a Joey, Urban Outfitter's Central Perk mug is the perfect addition for any true Friends fan's kitchen. And at just $12, it's a perfect Secret Santa gift.


For The Music Junkie

For your friend who will only listen to vinyl and insists that they listened to every band before they were famous, gift them Uncommon Good's record coasters. For $18, you'll get six handmade coasters — a perfectly hipster way to decorate their home and protect their surfaces.


For The Selfie-Obsessed

Whether it's a gag gift or a real present, when your friend unwraps a selfie stick there's sure to be some laughs. You can get the ReTrak selfie stick at Best Buy for $20. And even if they say they'll never use it, you know they totally will.


For The Artist

Let your friend unleash her inner child and color herself calm with this adult coloring book, just $13 at Barnes and Noble.


For The Dreamer

Uncommon Good's $15 dream journal gives your Secret Santa a pretty place to record what they see when they fall asleep.


For The Traveller

Let your wander-lusting pal keep track of all the places she's visited with a travel stub diary, just $12at Uncommon Goods. It's great way to keep mementos in an organized manner, so she doesn't just have plane tickets and museum passes sprinkled around her house.


For The Social Media Butterfly

For just $13, your friend can "like" things in real life with the Like/Dislike stamper set, available at Perpetual Kid. They can also dislike things, which can be fun — just be careful they don't find themselves on a power trip as a result.


For The One Who Can't Put Down Their Phone

An external battery charger is a gift that keeps on giving. You can get the Poweradd Pilot external battery pack at Amazon for only $16 — and your friend will be grateful to you every time his battery drops below 20 percent.


For The 'Star Wars' Super Fan

Think Geek's Star Wars miniature model kits are only $15, so gift these to your favorite Jedi. They can embrace their inner kid and make the figurines, then leave them on their desk as decoration to keep some fun in the workplace.


For The Literature Lover

What better way to show your affinity for a good book with Perpetual Kid's $7 Jane Austen tattoos? Ok, perhaps there are many better ways, but none of them make as good of a Secret Santa gift!


For The Literature Lush

If your bookworm friend is also a barfly, consider gifting Plasticland's Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With A Literary Twist. For $15, you can supply your friend with a book-full of sophisticated drinks that pay homage to his favorite novels.


For The Hipster Hopeful

Is your Secret Santa a friend clad in plaid who thinks everything is soo ironic? Then you should get him So You Think You're A Hipster Reference Book, just $15 at Plasticland, so he can make sure he's living up to his self-proclaimed identity.


For The Preppy Princess

You know your friend who spends all winter in her L.L. Bean and won't leave the house without a string of pearls? She would love to receive True Prep: It's A Whole New Old World, an updated sequel to The Official Preppy Handbook, just $12 on Amazon. Whether she uses it as a coffee table book in her Connecticut home or combs through it relentlessly before bed, she'll love the gift — and she'll definitely send a monogrammed thank-you note.


For The Master Chef

Pop Chart Lab's kitchen utensils tea towel is a fun way to give your friend a gift that celebrates cooking. It's both artistic and useful, and at just $16, this towel is a great gift for any aspiring chef.


For The Cat Lady

This meow necklace is a subtle ode to her cat obsession, which you can buy for $19.99 at Modcloth. She'll love that she can wear her feline feelings on her sleeve, well around her neck rather, without seeming like a cat cook at the office.


For The Coffeeholic

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee? No. Give your coffee-crazed cohort Yankee Candle's hazelnut coffee tumbler candle for $16, so their house always smells like a happy morning.

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