Teacher appreciation tweets are more real than ever as parents try to homeschool.
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21 Tweets That Prove Just How Much Parents Miss & Appreciate Teachers

As the daughter of two teachers, I've always appreciated the hard work and dedication required of this profession. But never could I fathom the depth of my respect until a worldwide pandemic turned our life upside down. Unsure of when all this will end, and with Teacher Appreciation Week happening now, parents are heading to social media to tweet their love and respect for teachers, and I am here for all of it. Like so many of you, I am quarantined at home, overseeing my children's remote learning with the help of their amazing teachers. I don't think anyone could have predicted how the coronavirus would upend all of our lives, and simply put, I'm blown away by all of the incredible stories I'm reading about teachers across the globe that have risen to this unbelievable challenge.

One thing's for sure with these tweets below serving as evidence: teachers should be paid more. Full stop. Sure, there's plenty of comedy in parents trying to home school their kids (I mean, I can barely help with my 5th grader's math assignments), but at the end of the day, the teacher love is overflowing. Here's to future teacher raises and respect after all this mess is over.


A Billion Dollars

Shonda, you not only write amazing television, you also speak the truth. We should all demand a significant raise for teachers after all this is over. With bonuses! Stock options! Shopping sprees!


Call In The Help

Um, this is me, but in the reverse, I'm afraid. 3rd grade math I can handle, but my 5th grader's math assignments? EEK. We need teachers.


Never Ever

Yes to both. There's a reason I never entertained the idea of homeschooling, like not even for a minute. One amazing teacher can change a child's life forever, and dedicated teachers deserve significant raises.



Not all superheroes wear capes. Some just want to teach your kid about decimal fractions.


Seriously, What Is With Math?

Yes, the unexpected questions I've been fielding — from fractions to Spanish and geography — well, they make searching for disinfectant online seem easy.



For the record, she's correct.


Bless Teachers

Searching for something positive in the midst of quarantine chaos? Here you go. Now imagine a teacher dealing with this all the time.


Get The Chokey

OK, we love Matilda over here, so this is particularly funny. Yep, Mrs. Trunchbull is actually just a teeny weensy bit relatable now that parents are trying to homeschool their kids. All that rage — I get it, unfortunately.


Everything's Fine Here!

Here's to teachers who help with geography: we need them!


Homeschooling Observations

Yes, yes, and yes, Christina. *pours wine*


Day One

I mean, the math jokes just write themselves at this point. Especially since kids learn math in a completely different way than when I was in school. Thank you, once again, teachers.


30 Kids!

Yes, I think it's fair to say that parents across the globe have a newfound appreciation for what teachers go through every day (with not one or two but sometimes 30 kids per class).


Already Expelled

Say it with me: when is this going to be over again?


Double All Their Salaries

Positive encouragement and a plan for teachers when this is all over is so key right now.



Written by a teacher, from a teacher's perspective (that everyone can get behind).


Did We Mention More Pay?

Absolutely. How do we get this done?


What Now?

My suggestion: "silent reading," which my kids have been assigned every day. And hey, if that turns into silent video games or TV, just know that tomorrow is a new day.


Like, *Way* More

From your mouth to God's ears, as the old saying goes!


A Million Dollars!

If that's what it takes, I'll march with you.


Real *Key* Workers



Teachers Are The Best

This sweet teacher drove around with a special message for all the kids in her class. We miss you, too, teachers!