21 Things Every '90s Cool Girl Did On The Weekend


After a long week of algebra, history, and and homework, a 90's girl was ready to roll with her homies into the weekend. She filled her weekend hours with trips to the mall, making three-way phone calls, and stay-up-all-night slumber parties, all while rocking a crop top with a matching scrunchie. Keeping this schedule wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it's just part of what every cool girl in the 90s did on the weekend — and it was a lot of fun.

Before adulthood, the weekends were your time to be free. Passing the time hanging with friends, watching your favorite television shows, and gossiping about boys seemed to stretch on for never ending hours. These were the golden years when two hours spent figuring out how to crimp your hair was considered a huge success and not a colossal waste of time. (Which is probably because you could just switch on some MTV and catch the Weekend Countdown while giving your wrists a break from working the crimping iron.)

If the thought of these glory days bring a smile to your face, take a trip down memory lane with these 21 things every cool girl did on the weekend — you just might get so excited you'll do the running man.

1Watched MTV Music Videos


The '90s were the golden age of music videos, and every cool girl was watching MTV when the newest NKOTB video debuted.

2Wore Strategically Placed Butterfly Clips


If she had enough time, she would use the crimping iron first — but either way, she was not leaving the house without those clips.

3Organized Her Lip Smacker Collection


No '90s girl would be caught dead without at least five flavors of Lip Smacker in her mini backpack. But everyone had their fave. Mine was watermelon.

4Shopped For Overalls


These days, I have a firm belief that only farmers and painters should wear overalls. But back in the 90's, I was rocking a pair of overalls in every color.

5Begged Her Parents For A Pager


How else were you supposed to keep up with your friends when you were away from your home land line?

6Practiced The Kid N Play


A girl has to keep her dance moves current, so knowing how to do The Kid 'N Play (and not fall down) was an awesome skill to have.

7Set Her VCR To Tape 90210


There is now way any '90s girl was going to miss an episode because of soccer practice. Thank goodness those VCRs could record when you weren't home.

8Tried To Find Waldo


The Where's Waldo craze took over in the '90s, and every teenager had at least one of these hidden picture books on their shelves.

9Wore Socks With Birkenstocks

Eli Christman

Although you wouldn't be caught dead in this look today, it just seemed right at the time.

10Chewed All 6 Feet Of Bubble Tape


It was the ultimate dare in a game of Truth or Dare: chew all six feet of bubble tape. And you weren't allowed to gag.

11Wrote Notes

Craige Moore

That way she had a whole JanSport full of personal communications to unleash on her friends when Monday rolled around. What else was everyone going to do during class? (It's not like her attention could possibly be fully occupied by class, duh).

12Told Her Parents To "Talk To The Hand"


A perfect saying for anytime you were annoyed, "talk to the hand" is still used today. Except now you can just hold up your hand, and other people get the point without you having to state it.

13Beat Her High Score on Tetris


With patience and basic geometry skills, every girl could master Tetris with a few weekends of hard work. This was especially helpful in impressing that boy you were crushing on.

14Bought Her Bestie A Furby


If there was a birthday sleepover, no on could be seen without a Furby.

15Fantasized About Leo Di Caprio


The ultimate 90's heartthrob, Leo posters were in the bedroom of every self-respecting cool girl. What better way to pass the time than to dream of what it would be like to make out with Mr. Di Caprio?

16Shopped For New Scrunchies


Coming in every color and pattern known to the modern world, scrunchies were really the only acceptable way to pull back your hair.

17Memorized All The Spice Girls Songs


Before the days of websites that posted the lyrics, all that hard work was up to you. Listening over and over and hoping you had the right words.

18Determined Her Mood With Her Ring


If you weren't sure how you were feeling, you could always consult your mood ring. And don't be embarrassed if it turns green, even though everyone knew that meant "horny."

19Wrote In Her Lisa Frank Diary


As one of my friends used to say, "I have one rule. If I see anything Lisa Frank, I buy it." Brilliant advice.

20Learned To Apply Body Glitter


If your skin didn't shimmer, you might as well stay home.

21Read Seventeen Magazine


How else would you know what to do if you started your period in an awkward place? Like while sitting on your boyfriend's lap.