Courtesy of Meg Kehoe

21 Things You Should Apologize To Your Mother For From Your Teenage Years

I'm lucky enough to call my mother my best friend. She's always been my best friend, and will continue to be my best friend for the rest of our lives. My mom and I been through a lot together, and the two of us share a really special bond. And yet, I still have more than a few things I could apologize for. Especially from my teen years. Who doesn't have a few apologies for mom from your teen years? And what better time to apologize to mom than on Mother's Day? Regardless of how close we were, I was still a teenager. I was still a moody little ingrate who felt entitled to things like a weekly allowance, rides to the mall, a killer birthday party, and a bedroom makeover. (Lime green was a poor choice. You were right about that, mom.)

So mom, this one's for you. For everything you put up with, everything I took for granted, and everything I never thanked you for. For everything you were right about that I refused to listen to, and for always supporting me, even when I was making questionable decisions. I know that some day, I'll have the pleasure of raising a teenager, and that will be payback enough in itself. But until then, here's a truncated list of all of the things I'm sorry for, because looking back? I realize how lucky I was to have you, and how little credit I gave you. Moms, you deserve all the credit. This Mother's Day, go above and beyond flowers and brunch, and ask your mother for forgiveness for all those teenage trespasses.


For Complaining About Chores

In reality, my list of chores probably would've taken me 20 minutes to complete, tops. But with all the avoiding, groaning, and complaining? They usually took me all day. God forbid I flip the laundry and take out the garbage once a week.


For Needing A Ride Everywhere

To school. The the mall. To practice. To a sleepover. Home from school. To your friend's house. To the pool. To literally everywhere, no matter what your mom was in the middle of doing.


For Complaining About School

Algebra is so hard, mom. My teacher like, wants me to do my homework. Can you believe that garbage? Also, I need a $100 calculator for this class I hate. Thanks.


For Sibling Rivalries

As if it wasn't bad enough you were a handful yourself, you had to go and stir the sibling pot every chance you got. Whether you were stealing your older sister's clothes or locking your younger brother in the dryer, just apologize.


For Being So Mean In The Morning

No, I will not wake up to my own alarm. Yes, I will be a rude little pig to you when you wake me up so I'm not late for school. I will continue to be rude about this well past my teenage years, into college, and probably even as a grown adult. Sorry about that.


For Breaking Curfew

Not only for breaking curfew, but for breaking curfew and not calling. For making you stay up late just so you could reprimand me, and for making you panic as I ignored your calls while I was hanging out with my friends.


For Not Saying "Thank You" Enough

A gift just because? A shopping trip? A birthday party? A new pair of shoes? A delicious dinner? Putting up with me? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you.


For The Wardrobe Choices

Spaghetti strap tank tops, crop tops, sweatpants with glittery phrases across the backside, platform flip-flops... I'm sorry, mom. I'm truly sorry for all of those things.


For Being So Dang Broody

You just don't understand how difficult it is to be me, mom. (You really did understand. My bad.)


For Wasting All Of Our Allowance

If I could have all the money I spent on idiotic trinkets back? I could've put myself through college.


For Borrowing Things Without Asking

You know that pair of boots you always snuck out of your mom's closet? That red lipstick that disappeared from her vanity? Her bottle of expensive hair product? Her favorite jean jacket? Yeah, apologize for taking all of those things and never asking.


For All The Boybands

For the memorizing of lyrics, practicing of dance routines, and listening to those god-awful ballads on repeat every night as I fell asleep.


For That One Terrible Friend

You know, the one who was a bad influence? You insisted that you weren't under her spell, that you could make your own decisions, and that your friend was really not that bad! You were wrong. You were so, so wrong. And you knew you were wrong. Apologize to your mother for that.


For Not Listening To Her Advice

What's that? Your mother's imparting her wisdom and knowledge on you? Better tune it out!


For That One Boyfriend

Yes, that boyfriend. The one who was a bad boy, with bad grades, and a bad attitude, who made your own life a living hell, and left your mother to pick up the pieces while you cried about it every Friday night.


For Being Ungrateful For Her Lessons

Your mother couldn't possibly know what it's like to feel peer pressure, or need help in school, or be nervous about auditioning for the school play. That's why rolled your eyes at her every time she was trying to teach you something. (For the record, I really wished I would've listening to my mom's lessons on budgeting. Really, really regret that one.)


For Prom Dress Shopping

For taking you out to eighteen different department stores and spending far too much money on a dress that really didn't even look that great on you.


For Attempting To Lie To Her

Mothers always know when you're lying. Always. It's like they have radar.


For What You Did When She Was Out Of Town

Regardless if it was five friends just hanging out around a bonfire, or thirty friends raging in your basement while your parents were out of town, apologize for all the times you tried to throw a party, then lied about it, and then continued to lie about it.


For Family Vacations

You want to spend your hard earned money on taking us all on a family vacation? Nah, I think I'd rather sulk in the corner and ruin everyone's vacation instead. Thanks tho.


For Glitter

Of all the things I'd like to apologize to my mother for, the number one teenage travesty is glitter. Body glitter, glittery tank tops, glitter hairspray, glitter on my costume glitter eyeshadow, glitter, glitter, glitter. I'm sorry you lived in a pile of glitter for the better half of my teenage years, and I'm sorry that you're probably still finding it embedded in the corners of your home.