Courtesy of Alison Lou

21 Tiny Earrings For Your Jewelry Box

Size really doesn't matter, especially when it comes to jewelry. When it comes to tiny earrings, you can make a grand style statement. In step with a major '90s style revival, when multiple piercings were the jam, today, women are opting for studs rather than dangly earrings or the "sole pair of statement earrings." But unlike the '90s, when studs were punk-inspired and intended to shock, today's studs are meant to be curated with sophistication. Not to mention they're totally fun and flirty. Designers like Alison Lou created an entire emoji-inspired line of studs, and not surprisingly, the brand has a cult following, myself included. What can I say? I just can't resist sending a message with my earring game.

A lot of times, that message is to myself. As a woman obsessed with jewelry, I don jewels for me. Jewelry serves as a pick-me-up, a signature of who I am — a signature that comes in the form of sparkly objects I wear to death. Like tiny stud earrings. I wear some studs, like pearls, because they are timeless. Other studs are whimsical and fun and remind you of the days when you used to buy your jewels at Claire's. Now that you've got more scrilla in your wallet, opt for studs that are as sleek as you and your evolved earring game. Need some inspiration? These 21 designs will help you create a spring stud shopping list.


Moon Rising

The crescent moon is an instant classic, and Catbird (the jewelry outpost featured in Broad City) does it in a variety of styles. This is basic. Basic gorgeous.


The Bar

The bar trend is not going anywhere. Look no further for a sleek, chic, minimalist stud.


Miniature Bouquet

Wear a miniature bouquet from Alison Lou's collection on your ear. It will never wilt.


A New Twist On A Classic

Rihanna, Erykah Badu, and Beyoncé all rock Bijules, jewelry by Jules Kim, and so do I. While superstars can splurge on bling-ed out pieces, these single pearl caged stud with black or Akoya pearl are in my price range. If you can only afford one, mix and match.


Screwed Up

When you're having a bad day let your stud game do the talking.


Cupid's Arrow

The Cupid Arrow's Earring by Erstwhile is entirely swoon-worthy.


Smokey Topaz

I adore the screw on backs that come with these smokey topaz studs. Oh, and the jewels aren't bad either: I love the vintage look here by the artisan company Salmiel, (salt n' honey).


Love Adorned

It seems to me this gal is smitten, or so says her stud game. Or maybe she's been shot through the heart!


Diamonds & Opal Teardrops

Loren Stewart diamond and opal teardrops make me want to cry... without them in my life.


Safety Pins

The inspiration might be punk, but crafted in 14 karat gold these safety pins have definitely gotten an upgrade.


Sapphire Stars

Sparkling sapphire in this 14 karat gold setting, handmade by the artisan company Salmiel. Yes, please.


Frosted Donuts

Do these tiny donut studs come with a grande latte?


Hung Up

Tiny hangers are adorable. If only I could shrink my wardrobe down to size...


Levitation Studs

These will take you to a higher plane. Renegade designer, Pamela Love does a variation on her five-spike stud that was super trendy last year.


Sweet Nothings

Craving a frosted cupcake? These handmade cupcake studs look good enough to eat.


Cuff Me

Catbird's Chained To My Heart Sparkler plus the petite Sleeping Beauty, pavé ballerina and ear cuff take this stud game to the next level.


Sparkle And Go

You don't have to spend a fortune to sparkle. These Bing Bang studs will have you sparkling in all the right places for under $100.


Send A Message

Courtesy of Melanie Reichman

As if that someone special needs a reminder about how sweet you are! Just in case, don't forget to add an initial to your stud collection.


From Here To Infinity

Mix n' match your favorite Zen-inspired studs by Pamela Love, and be at one with the universe.


Buggin Out

Courtesy of Jo McClean

These are pieces of art to wear in your ears. Whether you choose a ladybug or fly, both set in 14 karat gold, the craftsmanship by Peter Hofmeister Jewelry is unmistakable. Perfect additions to your spring stud collection!


Tiny Vices

What's your pleasure? From a marijuana leaf to a cute "XO" these Bing Bang studs have all your vices covered.