21 Tiny, Micro Tattoos That Show The Beauty In Subtlety

There's an old saying that suggests you should either go big or go home. And sure, the sentiment behind the phrase is usually meant to be a piece of encouragement from your inner hype man. But going big isn't always the best way to go. In fact, that kind of thinking is presumably why things (fictionally) went south for the employees and tourists at Jurassic Park. Some examples which prove that bigger isn't always better are tiny, micro tattoos that show the beauty in subtlety. You'd be surprised how powerful and striking small pieces of ink can be.

Why downsize in the tattoo department? There are several reasons, almost all of which boil down to personal preference. But, to name a few, micro pieces allow for more freedom in the workplace, they can be your own secret, they're good "starter" tattoos if you're nervous about taking the leap, and a tiny tat can be something that's uniquely you.

Whether you're interested in getting some ink work done, you're curious what the hype is all about, or you just want to scroll through some beautiful photos for inspiration, check out these tiny, micro tattoos that show subtle things are beautiful, too.


Display Your Favorite Dish

Are you head over heels for ramen? It doesn't have to be a specific soup, but you can get a micro tattoo of your favorite dish to show your foodie allegiance.


Add A Pop Of Color

Some people feel more comfortable injecting a bit of color into their tattoos when it's done in a smaller size. So experiment outside of the status quo with your subtle yet snazzy tiny tat.


Bond With Friends

Getting matching tats with your best friend is about as old as the art of tattooing itself. These cute, little kites are whimsical and a permanent bond solidifying friendship.


Put A String On It

Are you always forgetting something? Then maybe the old wives' tale of tying a string around your finger will help if you get it inked. There's also a theory that the tiny red string tattoo represents the "red string of fate" in Far East folklore and is symbolic of being tied to your loved one permanently.


Keep Secrets

If you want to feel like a covert spy, just flash this tiny tat to secretly tell someone to keep their info on the down low. Or you can just shush whoever you want, really.


Rock It, Rocket

How adorable is this teeny tiny rocket? Though it's comprised of just a few simple lines and shapes, it immediately catches your eye with its quirky style.


Create A Set

If you are like Mindy Lahiri and believe that "best friend is a tier, not a person," then you can get creative with your matching micro ink. With a common theme, each person can still have their own unique piece, and together it creates a beautiful, complete set.


Feel Floral

The inside of your ear may not be the first place you'd think of getting a tattoo, but this sweet flower looks absolutely darling in its location. Plus, you can easily hide it whenever you want by letting your hair down.


Debut Some Bling

Supposedly diamonds are a girl's best friend, but a micro tattoo of a diamond is just as good, if not better, in my opinion.


Track Your Travel

The unalome is said to represent one's path to enlightenment in life: you start out in a bit of a spiral, then you zig and zag as you grow, and finally reach a linear line straight towards self-awareness.


Make Music

Whether you're a musician or you just enjoy the feeling you get when jamming out to your favorite tunes, you can make a micro musical tribute with this mini piece of ink.


Polish Your Look

Accessories, make up, and polish always tie together your look quite nicely. So why not get a tiny tat of your favorite polish?


Revel In Royalty

King and queen, queen and queen, king and king, two queens and a king. No matter how you live and love, this is a sweet way to share your bond.


Pin It

You can never have to many bobby pins, am I right? On your wrist, forearm, or thigh, these micro tattoos are simple yet stunning.


Marvel At The Moon

Quite possibly one of the most understated yet powerful symbols in culture is the moon. It controls the tides and wolves just can't resist howling at it, so marvel at the moon in your own way with some micro ink.


Go Tropical

A symbol of hospitality, delicious fruit, and tropical locations, the pineapple is a perfect tiny tat option.


Sync Symbiotically

What's a hummingbird without a flower? Having a pair of tattoos that go together is adorable and off the beaten path.


Embrace Your Faith

If your faith or culture are particularly close to your heart, then you might be inspired by this micro rosary tattoo piece.


Pay Tribute To Your Hometown

Take a piece of your hometown or favorite place with you with a tiny tattoo of a state or country outline.


Anchors Aweigh

Keep yourself grounded in love and life with this romantic, nautical micro piece of ink. Delicate and demure, this tattoo still makes a statement.


Celebrate Family

This adorable mother and daughter matching tattoo set is both an abstract heart and a symbol of their maternal connection.