21 Tweets About First-Time Motherhood That Show The Good, Bad, & Beautiful


Motherhood, from what I've been told, is one of the most life-changing experiences. Though nervousness can set in and many questions can erupt if you're a first-time mom, nothing beats the feeling of going through your first pregnancy and raising your first child. Though I don't have any children right now, every time I run across tweets about first-time motherhood, I get a little excited. I mean who wouldn't find a reason to smile seeing all those sweet stories roll across their timeline?

I always tell myself that I want to wait till my mid-30s to have kids. But when I see the adorable tweets that other moms post about their expanding family, I want to up my timeframe for pregnancy a bit. I'm sure being a first-time mom can be a little scary, but I truly believe that once you give birth, your instinct to become the best mom possible kicks in and gives you the motivation to succeed. And, if you still feel a little self-conscience after you've given birth, there are plenty of other moms that can support you through your new phase of life — and they may even just be on social media.

So, if you're expecting or plan to be a mom at some point, these 21 tweets about first-time motherhood will definitely make you crack a smile.


The cutest.

2Sleepless Nights

Get ready.

3Early Nights

Get it in when you can.

4Candid Conversations

Get used to it.

5Saliva Son

What did you expect?

6Measuring Cup Mom

Power up.

7Penguin Sleep

Questions that need answers right now.

8Kiddie Songs

Are they really for kids?

9School Days

Does it have to come so soon?

10Superhero Mom

Let 'em know.

11Missing Boo-Boo

You'll find it when you least expect it.

12Scary Thoughts

We've all been there.

13Feeding Time

Feed me, please.

14Happy Sleep

They have a different set of powers we'll never know about.

15Sleep Patterns

Who else will admit to this?

16No Sleep Till. . . Ever

What is this thing you speak of?

17Baby Grunts

Love them to death.

18Bladder Kicks

Let's hope for the soccer player.

19Naptime Official


20Diaper Overflow

You can never be too prepared.

21Four-Five Seconds

The most adorable thing ever.