21 Tweets About Maternity Leave That Show It's Far From A Vacation


Not so long ago, the concept of new mothers staying home with their children was the norm. Though I'm the first one to challenge archaic gender roles, it seems my grandparents had one thing right: a woman shouldn't have to choose between being able to provide for or bond with her newborn. But with the ever-changing economic and political landscape, working moms are faced with difficult decisions. In fact, there are plenty of tweets about maternity leave that echo the growing concern and frustration shared by pregnant women and parents everywhere.

Besides the fact that giving birth to a tiny human is a pretty big feat in and of itself, the first few months after delivery present their own challenges. Worrying about sleep-deprivation, hormones, and finances is taxing to say the least. Plus, even if you've been busy researching and planning for your maternity leave since the second you discovered you were expecting, nothing truly prepares you for the moment you become a parent. You can, however, take consolation in the fact that you're definitely not alone in this. So if you're wondering what other parents have to say, then check out these tweets about maternity leave to put your mind at ease.

1. That Awkward Moment

Is it really so absurd for women to have a say in this decision?

2. Lonely Island

Going from being surrounded by people at work to just you and a baby can be a bit lonesome.

3. Improvise

They say necessity is the mother of invention, right?

4. Things That Make You Go, "Hmm"

What does it mean when a first world country doesn't support maternity leave across the board?

5. Conversation Starters

Believe it or not, one-sided conversations with a baby aren't that fascinating.

6. Preach

Doesn't everyone know this?

7. Time Warp

Wait, it's not Tuesday?

8. Storage Space

So many shows and so little time to watch them all.

9. Time Matters

Time flies when you're having babies.

10. Job Security

Plenty of women wonder if their job will still be there for them after they come back from maternity leave.

11. Too Short

Maternity leave never seems long enough when you have to say goodbye to your baby for the first time.

12. All About The Benjamins

Budgeting for maternity leave is definitely difficult.

13. Toys As Far As The Eye Can See

It's like their toys are secretly multiplying.

14. Feeling Rusty

Going back to work isn't necessarily as easy as getting back on the horse.

15. Babies Rule

Didn't you know your newborn sets the schedule?

16. Bittersweet

You'll miss the snooze button, for sure.

17. Adventure Awaits

Never have mundane errands seemed so exciting.

18. Who Needs Sleep?

Well, apparently everyone needs sleep actually.

19. Fashion Choices

Dressing yourself and a newborn for cold weather is no joke.

20. Boredom

The lack of variety in daytime television is arguably why the gods gave humans Netflix and Hulu.

21. Waterproof Everything

Motherhood has a way of hitting you right in the feels — all the time.