21 Tweets About Potty Training That Capture The Struggle

My daughter has been potty trained for approximately a month, and now that I've emerged from that battle victorious, I can look back on those tear and pee soaked days (or was it weeks? It's all a blur.) with fondness and pride over what the two of us have accomplished together. Just kidding. Potty training is perhaps the most necessary evils that exist in the parenting world and these tweets about potty training sum it up perfectly.

Whether you've already potty trained your child, are in the middle of it, or are just beginning to start the process these tweets will give you a sense of solidarity that yes, potty training is the closest thing to hell a toddler can throw your way, but it ends. And suddenly, your child won't need diapers anymore, and they'll pull on their Hello Kitty underwear all by themselves, and you'll look back with a tear in your eye and think "what I wouldn't give to do it all over again".

Again with the jokes.

Though potty training, like labor and teething, are all parts of the cycle of parenting, you can find comfort in the fact that even when you're soaked in pee and running to the bathroom at speeds you didn't know were possible, that other parents have been there too. You're welcome.


Pee. Is. Everywhere.

It's funny because it's true. There are no safe zones.


You Can Flush Your Dignity Too

Motherhood means no shame.


It's A Dark Time

Trust me, the first day is the worst.



The things we do to raise socially acceptable children.


The Pep Talk

Sometimes we need the pep talk worse than they do.


Again, Pee Is Everywhere

You know it's bad when even your toddler admits it.


A Titanic Voyage

Minus the icebergs and romantic lighting, of course.


Time To Update Your Profile

My hobbies include long walks on the beach, drinking coffee, an cleaning up my toddler's pee.


The True Sign Of Success

Whatever gets the job done, right?


Just Being Honest

Don't worry, they have to learn at some point. Right?


Be Prepared

This dad is miles ahead of the rest of us.


The Moment Of Panic

Note to self: have an emergency route.


Set Realistic Standards

Or the next...or the next.


Motherhood In A Nutshell

But, that's still cool, right?


It's No Joke

Well played, future comedian, well played.


Double The Fun

Dear moms of multiples,

I'm so, so sorry.



But you'll probably still be pretty ripped from all of the running back and forth to the bathroom, so there's that.


Bathroom Bonding

It really is a beautiful experience. I promise.


Sh*t Happens

It just doesn't always make it to the toilet.


It's A Lifestyle

You'll eventually learn to accept it.



It's the dilemma of the ages.