21 Tweets That Sum Up Parenting Twins Too Perfectly

Being a parent of one is tough enough, but having twins can be double trouble. Right off the bat, you're outnumbered and, for the rest of their lives, your dynamic duo will come up with plenty of ways to keep you on your toes. Fortunately, you aren't alone. There are plenty of twin parents out there who are sharing their experience on social media with tweets that sum up parenting twins perfectly.

Lack of sleep, lack of time, and lack of another set of hands to keep their little ones out of danger are just some of the most common concerns of twin parents across the Twitterverse. But even with minimal sleep, there are plenty of parents out there who manage to see the humor in all of the craziness and find a way to laugh at things that might make most people cry.

If you have time between diaper changes and feedings and you're still conscious, check out what some of these moms and dads have to say that parents of twins can totally relate to. With only 160 characters to work with, it shouldn't take much time. And when you're done — and you still have time on your hands — go take a nap for crying out loud!


They Have Different Personalities

They may have been born on the same day, but without a doubt, your twins will each have their own unique talents and interests. Just try to keep up.


Sleep Is A Precious Commodity

If they're supposed to be so close, why in the world can't they get on the same sleep schedule?


You're Gonna Need Coffee

Most moms rely on coffee to get through their busy days. But moms of twins might need a coffee IV.


And Wine

When they're finished with their coffee (eight hours later), most twin parents will inevitably switch to wine.


They Are Going To Gang Up On You

They may fight with each other, but there's no doubt about it, twins stick together. When you're outnumbered by your kids, there will be pranks.


They Are Expensive

Raising kids is expensive, and twins automatically double the cost of everything. Sending them to preschool will probably cost more than your car.


They Take Up A Lot Of Space

With double the baby gear, you're definitely going to have to find creative ways to use every bit of space in your home.


They Are Going To Get Into Trouble

You'll either laugh, scream, or cry when you see some of the pranks your twins pull on each other.


You're Going to Need A Break

Fresh home-cooked meals every night can be tough. Keep a good pizza delivery place on speed dial.


Your Sex Life Will Suffer

When you're trying to keep up with two little ones and survive on a few hours of sleep, sex is usually the first thing to go.


Sometimes You Don't Want To Know

When your twins get older, sometimes, ignorance is bliss.


You Get Double The Love

With two people who love and look up to you, it's hard not to feel pretty special.


And Double The Anger, Too

When your twins are mad at you, you feel twice as bad.


It's Hard To Find Time To Clean

You may have to accept the fact that your house will never be clean again.


Birthday Parties Are Fun

Your twins will never spend their birthday alone, ever!


You Can Trade In Your Sports Car

When the twins arrive, you might as well trade in that two-seater for a mini van.


You Will Be Tired

Without question, you will be tired for most of their lives.


It Takes A Lot of Patience

Twins demand a lot of time, and a lot of patience.


You'll Never Be On Time

If you're used to being punctual, you can forget about it!


It Will Be Tough To Work When They're Around

Your productivity level automatically decreases when you have twins.


But It's A Lot Of Fun

Even with all of the chaos, being a parent of twins is twice as fun.