21 Unconventional Kids' Birthday Party Ideas That'll Make You The Coolest Mom On The Block

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When it comes to throwing your kids birthday parties, you could run to the local party store, buy some licensed character decor and a piñata, and call it a day. But why would you when you have the wonder of Pinterest at your fingertips? Not to mention the countless number of creative bloggers worldwide who love sharing their ideas. It's easier than ever to come up with unconventional kids' birthday party ideas for your little one's next celebration.

It's not hard for parents to dive into birthday party planning when they first have kids. Coming up with adorable themes and creating intricate decorations by hand can be really fun. But as your family gets bigger and your free time gets smaller, it becomes much more difficult to put that level of detail into each and every event. Just choosing a theme that hasn't been done before can seem nearly impossible after some time. And, of course, no matter how often parents offer to take their kids on a trip or other fun adventure for their birthdays, they always seem to prefer a party instead.

Here are some unique party themes if you're stuck for ideas, but aren't quite ready to make that trip down the party supply aisle.

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