21 Valentine's Day Gifts For Women That Go Beyond Flowers & Chocolate

The most romantic gifts convey a message: I know you, I care about you, and I want to spend time with you. And although the traditional gifts — flowers, cards, and chocolates — are well-known to anyone who goes outside between the days of Jan. 1 and Feb. 15, it can still be difficult to find great Valentine’s Day gifts for women. For one couple, a simple card would be perfect; for another, an evening spent chatting and testing new cocktail recipes would be far more romantic. It all depends on the length of the relationship and personal preferences of the people involved.

But thanks to the magic of the Internet, there are tons of romantic gifts to fit every couple’s definition of romance. From geeky gamer cards to personalized photo books, these gifts run the gamut from silly to seductive. Whether you’ve only gone out a few times and want to mark budding affection, or you’re in a long-term relationship and need to reaffirm your dedication, something on this list is bound to suit your particular brand of love. After all, the personalization is half of the fun.

And for the record, I’d never turn away a heart-shaped box of chocolate. Those treats are damn delicious.


For The Couple That's Been Dating Forever

Keep the romance going long after February. Try Something New ($15) provides fun and creative date ideas for you two to try. By shaking up your routine and going on some new adventures together, you can keep things fresh and fun.

Try Something New, $15, Amazon


For The Tea Fiend

This Dream and Sugar tea set ($65) from ModCloth would be an adorable addition to any tea drinker's collection. With heart-shaped cups and saucers, it's the perfect pick for anyone who appreciates sweet and quirky gifts.

Tea Set in Petal, $65, ModCloth


For The Music Fan

Take your relationship to the next level by sharing your iTunes playlists. This heart headphone splitter ($7) will let you share music, movies, and TV shows with one another easily.

Heart Headphone Splitter, $7, Amazon


For The Chocolate Devotee

Think outside the heart-shaped box with this tin of Chuao gourmet drinking chocolate ($23). The dark chocolate mix, infused with cinnamon and chile, is a warm and decadent treat for any chocolate fan.

Chuao Drinking Chocolate, $23, Amazon


For The Beauty Guru

This Fresh Sugar Rosé extreme lip treatment ($23) has a sweet rosy tint, scent, and flavor, and there are adorable roses on the case. It's a romantic little gift for your favorite beauty junkie.

Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment, $23, Sephora


For The Poetic Soul

Leslie Pockell's collection of The 100 Best Love Poems of All Time ($11) includes everything from Shakespeare to Gertrude Stein. You're certain to earn a few bonus points for reading a few lines of verse to your beloved.

The 11 Best Love Poems of All Time, $11, Amazon


For The Master Chef

The Mastrad chocolate fondue set ($34) could help you have the most memorable Valentine's Day dessert ever. After all, chocolate and strawberries are a classic romantic dish for a reason.

Mastrad Heart Fondue Set, $34, Amazon


For The Wine Aficionado

A nice bottle of red is a great way to cap off the holiday. This twist decanter ($32) turns any bottle of wine into a striking (and delicious) centerpiece.

Twist Decanter, $32, Amazon


For The New Relationship

The pressures of Valentine's Day can lead to some awkward moments with someone you're only been seeing a few weeks. Going all-out would be weird, but so would ignoring the holiday altogether. A silly card is a good way to mark the occasion without going overboard, such as this Tinder Valentine's card ($4) from DarwinDesignCards.

Tinder Card, $4, Etsy


For The Instagram All-Star

Social Print Studio offers a personalized mini photo book (2 for $15) that features your favorite snaps. Each book holds 50 photos, so you and your sweetie can have matching sets of couple pics.

Mini Photo Book, 2 for $15, Social Print Studios


For The Art Appreciator

A print of this Dra Rose watercolor ($25) by Etsy seller WaterWords would complement almost any decor. And this pretty rose will stay in bloom for years to come.

Rose Watercolor, $25, Etsy


For The Woman You've Been Dating A Year

This Key to Love ($45) bottle will make a lovely keepsake for your longtime girlfriend. And you can add a personalized message that's as sincere or funny as you like.

Key to Love Bottle, $45, Message in a Bottle


For The Gourmand

Taste Trunk's gourmet trunk ($49) is perfect for anyone who adores great food. It includes white truffle extra virgin olive oil, peach & lavender preserve, and almond caramels, along with a whole host of other delicious treats.

Gourmet Trunk, $49, Taste Trunk


For The Long-Distance Relationship

Chances are, a lot of your interaction takes place via the Internet. Why not go old-school — really old-school — with a message from Telegramstop ($8)? This totally unique take on the love letter will become a cherished memento.

Telegram Message, $8, Telegramstop


For The Gamer

You can celebrate a mutual love of gaming with this adorably geeky Pokemon Valentine's card ($5) from Etsy seller playerNo2. Throw in a Steam card and you're all set.

Pokemon Card, $5, Etsy


For The Sweetly Sentimental

This pretty silver locket ($24) from Etsy seller LimonBijoux holds four pictures or tiny love notes. With the etched flower on the front, this locket would be a pretty addition to any jewelry box.

Silver Locket, $24, Etsy


For The Eco Friendly

This beautiful real rose necklace ($35) from Etsy seller TheHangingGarden takes going green to the next level. A real rosebud is suspended in jewelry grade resin and set in in ornamental filigree setting.

Real Rose Necklace, $35, Etsy


For The Home Mixologist

Shake up some cocktails for two with this home bar starter kit ($30). It comes with the basic tools to make thousands of cocktails, as well as a copy of The Bartender' Black Book. You can make drinks as simple — or super-fancy — as you like.

Home Starter's Bar Kit, $33, Amazon


For The Couple Who Shares Everything

A custom couple portrait ($50) from MartinelaToons is a one-of-a-kind gift. You can even include pets and props to round out the story of your relationship.

Custom Couple Portrait, $50, MartinelaToons


For The Classic Romantic

This heart hair slide ($38) from Etsy seller Kapelika is both gorgeous and functional. The sturdy clip can hold an updo all day, and the sweet design is unique and fun.

Heart Clip, $38, Etsy


For The Bath Fanatic

Lush's sex bath bomb ($7) turns any tub into a romantic soak. It includes the scent of jasmine and ylang ylang, as well as many body-softening ingredients. It's the perfect way to unwind on Valentine's evening.

Sex Bath Bomb, $7, Lush