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22 Gifts To Treat Your Pup This National Dog Day (Yes, Even The Naughty Ones)

Every day is National Dog Day in my book (as I write this, my dog, Rhea, is across the room curled in a big, comfy Ikea chair) but to everyone else, the 'Holiday" falls on August 26 each year. To recognize the day (and your pup), here are fun gifts for dogs because Fido can never have enough toys (unless they're of the squeaky variety, then one is probably plenty).

National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year ... National Dog Day honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort," per the "holiday's" official website, This mission aligns closely with my heart because as a young puppy, Rhea was found on the side of the highway. She was driven to Portland from Texas, and I’ve always felt somehow that she was destined to be our dog. If you don’t have a dog to buy a gift for, I’m sure your friend’s dog would love a new toy, or you could consider making a donation to one of the amazing rescue organizations helping dogs unite with new families. There are tons of ways to celebrate.


Guacamole Plush Toy

Everyone loves avocados, but your pup may be missing out on the real thing. This toy, called Stop, Guac, & Mole (honestly, too cute) makes a crinkly sound and has a spiky ball hidden inside for a fun surprise when the plush toy inevitably gets shredded. Just make sure your dog knows that guac is extra.


A Set Of Rope Toys

Why buy one toy when you can get 12? This set of durable ropes will hold up to even the toughest chewer. Best of all, some of the proceeds benefit Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue in California.


A Gorilla Dental Toy

Way cuter than your average toothbrush, this baking soda infused gorilla chew toy is sure to be a hit. Brought to us by Arm & Hammer, (who knew they made dog toys?!) the company claims it will freshen your dog's breath and help remove plaque. It's dishwasher-safe, which is great, because you know it'll get funky.


Indoor Dog Ball

Ideal for the dog that just can't get enough of balls, this toy is designed for indoor use. The soft chenille fabric easily rolls across the floors (and won't damage your furniture.) You may even want to get one for your kids.


Sparkling Rose Plush Toy

It's so outrageously cute to imagine dogs doing human things — like drinking sparkling rosé, for example. As the website says, "put the bar in bark" with these toys that make a satisfying crunch sound and come equipped with a squeaky cap. There's all sorts of liquor and wine to choose from if your pup isn't a rosé fan.



Keep is classic with a two-pack of kongs. These beloved toys can be filled with peanut butter for a long-lasting treat, or can be played with on their own. You'll be happy you have two when one inevitably ends up lost under the couch for weeks.


Squeaky Elephant

If your pup keeps stealing your baby's stuffed animals, it may be time to get it one of its own. Not only is it adorable, but this plush elephant squeaks and has ropey arms for tug-of-war fun. This plush toy is not designed for aggressive chewers however, and supervision while playing is recommended.


Soft Dog Brush

Maybe you're thinking that this seems like one of those gifts that seems mildly offensive, like the time I got an electric toothbrush for Christmas. Trust me though, dogs (at least my dog) love the feel of this brush on their fur. It's also a gift for yourself, because after regular brushing, you'll notice less hair around the house.


Squeaky Snake

Speaking from experience, the squeaker in this toy really is as invincible as described. Most dog toys lose their eventually squeakiness but this one just doesn't quit. I personally love that there's no stuffing inside the snake, which means there won't be a mess within in a few hours.


Small Dental Chew Bone

A rubber bone that keeps your dog busy and cleans their teeth seems like a win-win. The textured surface is designed to help clean out plaque and tartar, plus dogs will love the taste. This one is designed with smaller dogs in mind, but there are other size options available.


Aller-Illume Bites

These grain-free treats are designed to help ease skin itch and seasonal allergies in dogs. Made with a blend of Omega-3s, pre and probiotics, and fiber-rich Epicor, you'll feel good that you're helping your pet feel their best. Plus the peanut butter flavor tastes as good as any other treat.


Milk & Cookies

Aside from being adorable, this burrow toy will keep your pup busy. The idea is that they have to work to free the plush cookies from inside the milk bottle. This sweet toy comes in several other iterations, including coffee and donuts, blueberry pancakes, and a bucket of chicken.


Classic American Food Plush Set

Perfect for the most spoiled (and most Instagrammable) dogs among us, this fast food dog toy set makes for one lucky dog. The set features burger, fries, milkshake, hot dog and chicken drumstick all with squeakers and double-stitched for durability. They're washing machine safe, too.


Fuzzy Dog Bed

This bed looks so cozy I think I need one for myself. The vegan fur and round shape keep your dog feeling snug and safe. It's a breeze to wash too; just unzip the removable shell and throw in the washer and dryer for an easy clean.


Mini Plush Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food and I wish my dog could enjoy the cheesy, bready goodness too. Now she can, kind of. This mini plush pizza is squeaky and soft, and coming it at under five dollars, your wallet will thank you too.


Kong Jumbler

While I love cute, plush dog toys, when my big dog gets ahold of them, they end up as stuffing scattered over every square inch of carpet. This is the most indestructible toy I've come across, and it's fun, too. The tennis ball bounces inside the translucent outer ball, and there's a handle on the side for your dog to grab and shake.


BarkBox Subscription

Barkbox is the gift that keeps on giving. For $25 a box, your pup can get a box full of treats and toys delivered each month (or for a set amount of months). The toys are kooky and fun: think rocketship chew toys and takeout container plush toys. Over two million happy pups are subscribers.


Flyer Fetch Toy

I love watching the frisbee dogs fetch at the park while mine runs around the perimeter aimlessly. This atomic flyer (brought to you by the makers of the iconic Nerf gun) is fun for tug-of-war, and it soars long distances to tire you pup out with fetch. It floats too which makes it awesome at the pool or the beach.


Plush Burrito Toy

A burrito with a smile, what more is there to want? It crinkles, it squeaks, and it has a soft inside. This toy is designed for dogs who love to shake back and forth.


Major League Baseball Collar

Every true fan needs to outfit their dog in their team's logo. Get a head start with this Major League Baseball sports collar, which is available in many teams. Plus it costs less than buying a ticket to the game.


Dog Treat Dispenser

I always like the idea of FaceTiming with my dog but she never has a clue what's going on. I bet she'd be more into it if I had a way to dispense treats while I talked to her. This electronic treat dispenser allows you to give your pup a treat and watch them eat it using the attached camera.


Cleansing Spritz

Dogs like deluxe beauty products too, right?. This cleansing, no-rinse spray (basically dry shampoo for your pup) is perfect for when your dog is between washes and could use a little boost. It's made with chamomile flower extract and lanolin for soft, shiny fur that smells fresh.