22 Clever Back To School Supplies You Can Get On Amazon For Less Than $2

Back to school shopping can get pretty expensive, pretty fast. After you've purchased new clothes, shoes, books, and backpacks, you still have to consider pencil cases, thermoses, and about a hundred other things. That's why these back to school supplies you can get on Amazon for less than $2 are such treasures: they're practical, affordable, and will prompt your child to get even more excited about the new school year.

The items on this list are either likely to show up on your child's teacher-mandated supplies list, or are helpful supplements that can make the transition to school easier. From glue sticks to crayon guards, these are the supplies your young child will be using most often in school and at home. If you're new to school supply shopping, keep in mind that some of the best deals are on bulk items. So, while you're adding four erasers or five sticks of glue to your Amazon shopping cart and wondering if your child will really need more than one, just remember: you can always save extra items for next year.

Start your school supply shopping by taking advantage of these fantastic deals — all of which cost $2 or less.


Crayon Guards That Prevent Crayons From Breaking In Half

Snap Stopper Crayon Guards, $0.01, Amazon

For nursery and pre-schoolers, school is a combination of creativity, learning, and play. But this age group also tends to break more crayons than they use. These crayon guards (24 in a pack) extend to fit over any size crayon to help prevent them from breaking. They also make it easier for young children to keep a good grip on their crayons, which alleviates frustrations and helps them unleash their inner artists.


A Cactus Print Pencil Case To Hold Pens, Money & More

Hosaire Pencil Case, $0.01, Amazon

You won't find a better deal than this — a cute cactus-print pencil case for a penny. Your child can easily fit a few pencils, pens, lunch money, and keys in this case and the design will bring a smile to their faces.


Colorful, Bright Erasers That Won't Tear Paper

Paper Mate Expressions Decorated Erasers, $1.97, Amazon

When children are just learning to write and draw, mistakes will be made. These colorful, fun, and easy to hold erasers actually make errors a pleasure because they're simple to use and won't tear paper or cause smudges. You'll get four in one pack — which is convenient because you'll definitely use them.


A Simple, Sturdy Translucent Portfolio Folder For Papers

Avery Translucent Two-Pocket Folder, $1.37, Amazon

There's no doubt about it: your child will need a simple two-pocket folder. Given how easily paper folders can rip, this sturdy translucent plastic folder is especially ideal for young learners. It's water-resistant, flexible, and will help teach your child organization skills.


Adorable Owl Pencil Sharpeners In Four Colors

Usdepant Owl Pencil Sharpener, $1.75, Amazon

These stainless steel and plastic pencil sharpeners are shaped like cute owls and come in a variety of colors. The color you get is chosen randomly and, ironically, each package comes with one ballpoint pen.


Clear And Washable Glue Sticks For Mess-Free Fun

Elmer's All Purpose Clear Glue Sticks (4 Pack), $2, Amazon

Glue sticks are the type of elementary school staple that will be showing up on supply lists for years. So why not stock up now? These name brand, all-purpose, clear glue sticks come in a pack of four, for just two bucks — that's just .50 cents per stick.


Ball Point Pens Shaped Like Feathers

VESNIBA Feather Ball Point Ink Pens (4 Pack), $1.35, Amazon

When are ball point ink pens actually exciting? When they look like colorful quills. You'll get four black ink pens in a pack and for just a buck reviewers say that they work surprisingly well.


Silicone Bookmarks That Wrap Around A Book And Won't Slip Out

Other Silicone Bookmarks (3 Pieces), $1.65, Amazon

You'll receive three silicone bookmarks with your order — each one is stretchy, durable, and fits a standard book. Unlike traditional bookmarks, these won't slip out or get lost and children will always be able to find exactly where they left off.


Pencil Grips That Teach Young Learners The Right Way To Hold A Pencil

Kemilove Pencil Grip (3 Pieces), $1.55, Amazon

Ideal for children ages 3 to 12 years old, these pencil grips help teach young learners how to properly grip a pencil without gripping it by in their fist or wrapping their thumb around it. You'll get three grips in each order, the color selection is random, and they work for both righties and lefties.


A Sea Creatures Incentive Chart To Motivate Children

Trend Enterprises Sea Buddies Incentive Chart, $1.59, Amazon

It can be a challenge trying to encourage young children to do their chores, finish their homework, and clean up after themselves. This cute sea creatures incentive chart makes the process fun by providing spaces where you can list kids' responsibilities and room for stickers or stamps when they complete their duties.


Animal Post-It Notes That Can Be Used As Reminders Or Bookmarks

Geniuskids Animals Sticker Post-It Bookmarks, $.49, Amazon

Kids can write little reminders to themselves or use these animal sticker post-it notes as bookmarks in their favorite books. They'll get 150 sheets of adhesive notes featuring various, adorable animal designs.


Pastel Erasers That Resemble Fruit-Scented Lipgloss

Doitsa Pencil Erasers (4 Pieces), $0.18, Amazon

Designed to look like lipstick or fruit-scented chapstick, these adorable pencil erasers are as functional as they are cute. You'll receive four erasers in random colors that include pink, yellow, blue, and green.


A Fun Personal Desk Organizer For Pen & Pencils

DZT1968 Desk Organizer, $1.93, Amazon

Your child can store pens, pencils, markers, rulers, and highlighters in this desk organizer and you can choose from five colors: purple, red, blue, green, and pink.


Alphabet And Number Stencils For Fun Projects

The Home Fusion Company Stencil Set, $1.85, Amazon

This set of alphabet stencils include uppercase and lowercase letters, the numbers one through nine, and mathematical symbols. Kids will have a blast learning to write letters, symbols, and numbers and using these stencils.


A 5-In-1 Highlighter Designed Like A Flower

Yonger Petals Highlighter, $.96, Amazon

Highlighters are exciting stuff for kids, so why limit a student to one florescent color when you can give them five? This five-in-one highlighter, shaped like a flower with green, yellow, orange, purple, and blue highlighter markers, is adorable and functional.


Black Kitty Pens That Will Get Kids Excited About Writing

Baishitop Black Cat Gel Ink Rollerball Pens (4 Pack), $1.45, Amazon

Young writers will feel even more excited about writing when they get to use these cute black cat pens, which come with four in a pack and provide 0.5mm extra fine point black ink. Reviewers say these pens have a very fine tip and are high quality, especially for the incredible price.


A Durable And Sturdy Plastic Pencil Case

School Smart Plastic Pencil Case, $1.34, Amazon

This sturdy red plastic pencil case has a secure latch and hinge and fits a variety of supplies — from pencils and pens to markers, crayons, and lunch money.


Kitty Sticky Notes That Will Incentivize Feline Fans To Write More Often

Viskey Sticky Notes (Pack of 2), $1.90, Amazon

Cat lovers of all ages can't seem to get enough of their feline friends. These cat sticky notes are perfect for young writers who need a little incentive to help them work on their writing skills. You'll receive two sets of sticky notes per order.


Colorful Erasers That Are Designed Like Retractable Pens

BuW Plastic Eraser, $1.77, Amazon

These colorful erasers have an adorable design and last for a long time: click the top the way you should a pen and go to town erasing mistakes. The color you get — lilac, pink, or blue — is chosen at random.


Snap-In Plastic Dividers For Organizing A Binder Or Planner

Avery Snap-In Plastic Bookmark Dividers, $2, Amazon

These multicolor snap-in plastic dividers are perfect for separating sections of a binder or planner and keeping papers organized. Each set includes printable or write-on adhesive tab labels.


A Personal Hand Sanitizer To Kill Classroom And Cafeteria Germs

Germ-x Vitamin E Hand Sanitizer, $1.29, Amazon

Young children aren't always going to remember to wash their hands. Since we know schools and classrooms harbor germs, teaching them to use this hand sanitizer can help kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. The formula evaporates in seconds and, thanks to added vitamin E, it won't dry out their skin.


A 10-Piece Watercolor Brush Set For Young Artists

Hosair Watercolor Brushes, $1.08, Amazon

Budding artists will love painting with this watercolor brush set, which includes 10 nylon hair brushes in various sizes. The hairs won't shed and these brushes are super simple to clean — perfect for little hands.

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