22 Finals Week Memes To Help You Laugh Away The Stress

Whether you’re feeling confident because you think that the last week of the semester can’t be that bad to that moment when you're plunging into the depths of despair, nothing gets you through the end of semester stress like finals week memes. Random references go hand-in-hand with being able perfectly describe that feeling when just about anything goes down while studying for those huge exams. If you’re in the grips of panic because you have only one more night to study, are frantically calculating what you need to get to pass, procrastinating even when you really don’t want to, or pulling all-nighters just to cram everything in—yep, as they say, there’s a meme for that.

With huge research papers and a ton of stuff to memorize on the horizon, your stressed-out self could use a little levity in the situation. What better way to lighten up the tension as the clock runs out and the amount you have to study only grows than by looking at a few memes that completely sum up what you’re going through? Although it may not change your circumstances, at the very least laughing about it will distract you for a moment before having to plunge back in. So, without further ado, let these memes help you make it through that last, hellish week before you're rewarded with some time at home.


When You're Pulling An All-Nighter

Who knew Buddy the Elf totally got finals?


When YouCan't Seem To Memorize Anything

Such a great throwback reference to the memory-eraser. And too true.


When Your Professor Grades On A Curve

Curved grades are the actual worst.


When You Turn in Your Final

But actually.


When You're Cramming

You got the whole semester down in a period of eight hours.


When You're Full Of Emotions

Explained so elegantly.


When You Think About The Grading Process Feels

These evaluations make no sense.


When You're In Crunch Time

The Most Interesting Man in the World, telling it like it is.


When You Just Keep Procrastinating

You should probably stop putting things off, and yet you can't.


When The Testing Hour Draws Near

So epic, and so terrifying.


When You Have So Much to Study You Don't Even Know Where to Start

Kim gets it.


When You Realize You Should Take Finals Seriously

It's that moment when it's no longer just a faraway dream, but an actual reality.


When You're Down To the Wire On A Final Question

Didn't you have an hour left the last time you looked at the clock?


When You Realize You Haven't Seen Your Bed in Days

Need. More. Study. Time.


When You Try To Study In The Library

You, and the rest of the student body.


When You Visit Office Hours

What? Those last-minute answers are important.


When It Finally Hits You That Finals Week Is Here

Wasn't it Thanksgiving a minute ago? What just happened?


When You See Other Students During Finals

For real.


When You Remember Finals Is At The End Of December

So close, and yet so far.


When You Need Reassurance

Thanks, Ry.


When You Walk Out of Your Last Exam

And you can sigh, cry, or laugh in relief.

Images: Bill Selak/Flickr