22 'Lizzie McGuire' Episodes, Ranked From Least To Most Iconic

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Like pretty much every TV show produced in the last 30 years, Lizzie McGuire gets a second chance at life, this time on the new streaming service Disney+. The revival picks up with an adult Lizzie living in New York and trying to make it as the apprentice to a decorator. But before you see where Lizzie has gone, you'll need a refresher about where she has been — especially if, like me, your recollection of the series has gotten a little hazy with time. Checking out these 22 Lizzie McGuire episodes, ranked from least to most memorable, will be quite the trip down memory lane for all of us.

I was pretty much the same age as Lizzie when the show was airing, and I spent many an afternoon after school marathoning it on the Disney channel. But that was 18 years ago! I can't possibly recall every pair of bedazzled jeans from its 65 episodes. Perhaps you are a better Lizzie scholar than I am, but either way, it's always worth revisiting some of the show's most iconic episodes.

Especially since some of them are so strange. Lizzie was partially a slice-of-life middle school comedy that dealt with pretty normal issues like crushes and first kisses, best friends turned enemies, or buying your first bra. But it mixed that in with utterly surreal scenarios and more butterfly clips than any 12-year-old could reasonable put on their head. It wasn't always realistic (Lizzie did, after all, go on to become an internationally famous Italian pop star) but it was fun, sometimes relatable, and a key part of the Disney lineup. Here are 22 reasons why you'll never quite forget Lizzie.

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