22 Of The Most Genius New Baby & Toddler Products On Amazon

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It's tempting to want to buy up every baby product on the planet when you're expecting or raising a child. Unfortunately, unless you live in a mansion, you likely don't have room for everything that makes you go aw. That's why editing your shopping list and focusing on genius new baby and toddler products you can purchase at affordable prices on Amazon is one smart way to get the most for your money and save money.

Parents need products that are functional, grow with your baby, and are durable enough to last a long time. These new baby and toddler products range from ergonomic spoons that will teach little ones to be independent eaters, to a four-in-one nursing cover created by a genius mom, all the way to a stroller that can transform from a single to a double in seconds. They're exciting, well-designed, and — most importantly — they're helpful to both you and your baby.

Raising little ones requires all the help a parent can get. These new products will save you time, reduce stress and frustrations, and many of them are better alternatives to older products on the market — in addition to being incredibly innovative.

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