22 Photos Of Puppies That Are Too Cute To Be Real

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It's so easy to fall in love with puppies. Their huge, soulful eyes, chubby bellies, and furry bodies grab you right in the feels and never let go. My favorites are the puppies that are too cute to be real. Those adorable pups make you squint your eyes and zoom in to the photo see if that's an actual animal or a stuffed toy. It's even funnier when their fur parents pose them next to a lovey. Those double takes make the internet a happier place. So I'm here to spread some canine cuddles.

Almost every puppy is a darling one just because small things tug at your heart strings. Still, I have to confess my partiality to golden retrievers. I don't think it's possible for a golden pup to be anything but a heartbreaker on four legs. But give me the floppy ears of a dachshund, the tubby tummy on a corgi, or the smushed mug of a pug, and I will coo at them all, too. Scrolling puppies on Instagram is always an instant mood boost. But while you're here, you can flip through photos of these too-cute-to-be-true doggies doing what they do best — being fur-real.

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