22 Weird, But Genius, Baby Products Trending On…

From the wacky to the wonderful, I’m a mom who celebrates weirdness in all its forms. That includes genius baby products trending on Amazon that might seem super weird upon first glance but are actually total parenting game changers.

When I was a baby 30-plus years ago, I played with wooden blocks and rocking horses. There was no magic suit to help lull me to sleep, or electronic toy to croon more than 50 songs in perfect rotation for my enjoyment. So you can imagine my shock and awe when I see how baby products have evolved since then. These days, there are countless amazing items that make parenting way simpler.

I thought pigs would fly before I'd suck boogers out of my congested infant’s nose through a straw. But, as weird as that sounds (and believe me, I know it sounds weird), it has indeed happened. And guess what? To my surprise, it worked like a charm. These seemingly random but totally necessary baby products are what I call "unicorn products" — weird baby products that actually make your life easier on top of making your kids happier. These products are out there. You just have to believe.

Ahead, 22 seemingly random but totally necessary baby products you won't believe you didn't have already.


A Booger Straw

If you told me I’d be sucking boogers out of anyone’s nose, ever, I’d call you a lunatic. But the FridaBaby is a game changer when it comes to helping congested babies find some relief. And the boogers will never make it to your mouth — promise.


A Foot Piano

Because playing the piano with their feet is a skill that every baby needs to have. Just kidding, but seriously. Think Tom Hanks in Big — that’s how much fun your little one will have with this toy. It’s also great for tummy time.


Everyday Earmuffs

I can’t help but think of Old School when I see these earmuffs, but they’re a thing and they’re amazing. Sensory overload is no joke for little ones, and these block out sounds that scare your baby senseless. As a bonus, they’re pretty darn cute.


Somewhere To Take Cover

This is almost like a snowsuit for your infant car seat and carrier. It looks a little strange, but it keeps your baby snug and dry, which is always the goal, so sign me up. It's also available in lots of colors and being easy to slip onto the car seat.


A Keurig-Like Formula Measurer

OK, now I'm really convinced they thought of everything. This contraption pours the perfect amount of temperature-controlled formula, so you don’t have to.


A Necklace To Gnaw On

No matter how strange it may look, any invention that makes teething less painful for all involved is a-okay in my book. Your baby won’t even realize this necklace is on, but you will because there’s less fussing involved.


A New-Age Playpen

I was raised in an era of tiny playpens, so this playard concept is both foreign and luxurious to me. This is basically a huge, portable, built-in backyard that you can safely plop your kids in, so they won’t wander off aimlessly — inside or out. This one’s the best because it’s so lightweight and travel-friendly.


A Fancy Umbrella For Your Playpen

When I look at this, this first thing that comes to mind is that goofy umbrella hat that your weird uncle wears at the family picnic. (Just me?) But it actually protects your little one’s sensitive skin as they play in the play yard. It’s easy to attach to your Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard and tops in outdoor protection.


All-Inclusive Seat Storage

It’s no wonder this product is trending — it’s a smartly designed organizer that keeps your little one from overtaking your car. It’s easy to use and holds literally anything you need as a mom on the go. You’re welcome.


The Ride Of Their Life

This looks very different from the bouncer your mom used to hang in between the doorway, and babies go nuts for it. Plus, it’s discreet enough to not overtake your living space.


A Luxury Lounger

A lounger? Really? Isn't lounging all that babies do? It sounds weird, but when you see your baby relaxing and maxing in this thing, you’ll quickly realize it’s not. Your babe needs a place to chill when he’s awake but not mobile, and this is just the spot. It’s an adorable, easily washable addition to your must-have list.


A Multitasking Monitor

A 3.5-inch color LCD screen, remote camera pan, tilt, and zoom — this monitor is not messing around. It's easy to use and keeps its charge, and all its features ensure that you stay in charge.


A Singing Octopus

I never imagined I’d be on the market for a singing octopus. But I was, and it’s awesome. Babies love this cute little guy, and they can learn a thing or two from his colors, textures, and songs. And on top of all that, it's adorable and affordable.


A Non-Intrusive Thermometer

Here’s another thing I’d rather not do the old-fashioned way, if you know what I mean. A quick swipe over your baby’s forehead, and bam — their temperature appears. It’s much more comfortable for all involved.


Some Spa Time For Your Little One

I figured — OK, hoped — that I’d be the only one enjoying anything with the word “spa” in it, but it turns out, the SoundSpa is a big part of my baby’s life. It helps him rest into a deeper sleep, which helps me rest into a deeper sleep. Everyone wins.


A Bit Of Magic

Did you know there’s a magic baby suit that helps your kid sleep? Sounds too good to be true, but it exists. Moms everywhere are swearing by it, with reviewers noting that their kids slept longer and more sound while wearing it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll try anything to get a good night's sleep with a newborn.


A Bit Of Support

I’d heard of wedgies in my youth, but never wedges. This little piece of magic slips right under the head of the crib to help your gassy, fussy little bundle digest easier and sleep more soundly. Simple and useful? Yes, please.


An Eco-Friendly Eating Place

I don’t know what my placemat was made of as a kid, but I really don’t think “eco-friendly” was in the mix there. Three cheers for an earth-friendly and easily washable placemat that can grow with your little one.


A Giraffe That's Built For Teething

Sophie is a world-renowned celebrity in the world of baby teethers, and I have yet to meet a little one who doesn’t like her. The great thing about Sophie is she is one tough lady — she can handle whatever your kids throw at her.


A Convertible Bouncer That Becomes A Rocking Chair

Strange as the concept may be, this is not your granny’s rocking chair. It’s a great spot for your immobile baby to safely hang out, and turns into a pint-sized rocking chair as they grow. Plus it vibrates, and what baby doesn’t like soothing vibration?


Some Camping Experience

It may sound strange for a little one to love camping, but they do. Little People camping, that is. Kids everywhere are going nuts for the glowing campfire, and the whole camping experience. Besides being super cute, my favorite part is the 50-plus sounds, which you’re less likely to get stuck in your head than one that repeats over and over.


A Rocking Walker

Although it looks weirdly similar to sensory overload to the untrained eye, this is like a walking carnival for your kids, and they’ll go nuts for it. It has more than 70 songs, a piano, and more lights and sights than moms could ask for to keep your baby busy, and wheels to help them once they’re ready to go.

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