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23 '90s Tastes That'll Give Every '90s Kid A Tasty Flashback


When thinking of nostalgic nosh, it's easy to say '90s snacking was — literally — all that and a bag of chips. And until another decade creates a 3D chip, the 1990s will keep those bragging rights. Whether you preferred to snack on sweet or salty foods, the '90s had something for every kid to love. From blue raspberry ring pops to a good ole can of Cheeze Whiz, remembering those delicious '90s tastes will make every '90s kid excited (not to mention, hungry!).

It's true our senses stir up our memory, and nothing will take you back to your days of playing Nintendo 64 and listening to Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch like biting into a Gusher and washing it down with some Surge. And if you would like to take a snacktastic trip down memory lane, here's the 411: many of the foods you loved in the '90s are alive and well today. Yep, many of those after school treats you couldn't wait to get your hands on each day are either still in grocery stores or are just a click away from being delivered to your doorstep.

If you're looking for a taste that will transport you back in time, trying chowing on one of these 23 flavors that made every '90s kid call dibs.

1Berry Beery Kix


Nothing started out the morning right like a big bowl of Berry Beery Kix. This was the sweeter, more colorful version of the original Kix, that made you beg your mom to let you eat two bowls of cereal before school.



As if gummy fruits weren't enough to get you excited about an after school snack, having a gush of fruit flavored goo squirt into your mouth really put you over the edge.



Long before today's power drinks with fancy energy enhancing ingredients, Surge promised to give you a boost with straight up caffeine.



Perfect for on the go, Dunkarros went everywhere easily. You could eat them in the car, on the bus, or in your room while watching MTV.

5Shark Bites


Who could forget these yummy gummies? Especially the white ones, whose flavor I could never quite decipher.

6Fudge Stripe Cookies


The Keebler Elves do not mess around when making cookies! And discovering a pack of fudge stripes in your lunchbox was a huge score.

7Pudding Pops

Chris Larkee/Flickr

Pudding Pops were the perfect "cool down" solution to a long summer day spent riding bikes and working on your tan.

8Bagel Bites


What went together in the '90s better than overalls and scrunchies? Pizza and bagels — duh.

9Toaster Strudel


Which was your fave flavor of Toaster Strudel? Did it really matter when all you really wanted to do was cover it with the little package of icing?



Lunch forever changed the day these bad boys hit grocery shelves. It was way more fun to make your own lunch when it came out of a cool yellow box.

11Trix Yogurt

The thought of yogurt grossed you out until your favorite cereal and yogurt made a delicious baby together.

12Fruit Stripe Gum


Rainbow inspired food was a big deal in the '90s, and Fruit Stripe gum tasted a little bit like a lot of things. Who cares if the flavor only lasted a few short minutes? There were so many piece to chew.

13Devil's Food Cookies


I remember when I thought the '90s couldn't get any better than a box of Snackwell's cookies and Nick At Night on TV. And if anyone tries to tell me that the Vanilla Sandwich Snackwell's are better than the Devil's Food, I will fight them.

14Fruit By The Foot


Unrolling one of these treats was always fun. You could roll it in to a ball for quick consumption, or take your time and eat it slowly from one end to the other.

15Blue Raspberry Anything

Steven Depolo/Flickr

Slushies, ring pops, gummies, and soda — it didn't matter what it was, as long as it turned your tongue blue when you ate it.

16Pizza Rolls


When you didn't want to wait for pizza delivery, you could pop a bag of Pizza Rolls in the microwave and all the deliciousness would be ready in minutes. This nostalgic treat gave me great comfort when I was pregnant with my first child, and I ate more Pizza Rolls than I care to admit.

17Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal


Only the '90s could bring us a show like, Dinosaurs. I like to think it was the popularity of that show that brought us the fun oatmeal creation where egg-like candies turn into dinosaur shaped candies with a little hot water.

18French Toast Crunch


It was good to be a cereal in the '90s. No one was too worried about sugar or artificial coloring yet. Everyone was free to enjoy a sweet breakfast cereal loaded with all sorts of chemicals.

19Cheese Whiz


No slumber party was complete without a contest to see who could squirt the most Cheese Whiz in their mouth at once.

20Doritos 3D


When a flat Dorito just wouldn't do, you grabbed yourself a bag of Doritos 3D and got the party started. This was just the snack you needed to give you energy while practicing the running man.



If you were invited to a "no parents" party and happened to be feeling a little rebellious, you might have pretended to like the taste of Zima for a night. Although you secretly would have been happier drinking a blue raspberry slushie.



When the '90s set its sights on making snacks that were diet-friendly, Sun Chips were born and the world rejoiced.

23Ninja Turtle Pizza Chrunchabungas


No one pimped pizza more that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it's no surprise they scored their very own brand of snacks that were, of course, chrunchabunga.