23 Baby & Toddler Inventions On Amazon That Are Genius AF

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Ready to simplify your parenting tasks and enjoy the time you spend with your kids even more? Well, you're in the right place then. These baby and toddler inventions on Amazon are not only genius AF but they give you back so much of that precious time in your day, and take a lot of the stress and worry out of parenting. And if there's a product that can ease your mind and make potty training, bathing, and taking care of sick children any easier, most parents would jump on board that bandwagon.

These genius products include an invention that makes using the public toilet while potty training a breeze, outlets that close on their own, pacifiers that shut before they drop on the floor, and training spoons so smart they change colors when food is too hot and could burn your baby's mouth. There are devices that bring immediate relief when your baby is teething, kitchen counter locks that won't leave permanent dents in your expensive cabinets, and even simple, but genius stainless steel clips to keep your toddler's mittens from disappearing somewhere in your home.

Parents need products that keep their babies and toddlers safe and happy — and these 23 inventions fit the bill.

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