23 Baby & Toddler Inventions On Amazon That Are Genius AF

by Lisa Fogarty

Ready to simplify your parenting tasks and enjoy the time you spend with your kids even more? Well, you're in the right place then. These baby and toddler inventions on Amazon are not only genius AF but they give you back so much of that precious time in your day, and take a lot of the stress and worry out of parenting. And if there's a product that can ease your mind and make potty training, bathing, and taking care of sick children any easier, most parents would jump on board that bandwagon.

These genius products include an invention that makes using the public toilet while potty training a breeze, outlets that close on their own, pacifiers that shut before they drop on the floor, and training spoons so smart they change colors when food is too hot and could burn your baby's mouth. There are devices that bring immediate relief when your baby is teething, kitchen counter locks that won't leave permanent dents in your expensive cabinets, and even simple, but genius stainless steel clips to keep your toddler's mittens from disappearing somewhere in your home.

Parents need products that keep their babies and toddlers safe and happy — and these 23 inventions fit the bill.

1. A Safe Way For Your Toddler To Bake Cookies With You

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper, $122, Amazon

This adjustable kitchen helper stool can elevate kids to counter height and grows with them by adjusting to two heights, making it a great for aspiring young chefs. It's made of beech plywood and features a wipe-off marker board and chalkboard — because you're never too young to create your own recipe. A front bar and solid backing prevent children from falling and the unit, which supports up to 150 pounds, folds flat when it's time to store it.


2. Stainless Steel Clips That Keep Mittens From Getting Lost

N'Ice Caps Baby and Kids Mitten Clips (2 Pack), $11, Amazon

Finding your children's mittens all over the house from autumn to spring is a reality of life for parents. Since mittens never, ever stay in place on their own, these mitten clips ensure you can attach them to coats, backpacks — anywhere, really. You'll get four stainless steel clips with each purchase, the elastic straps are 3 inches long, and they come in solid colors and prints.


3. Disposable Toilet Covers For On-The-Go Potty Training

Narozone Disposable Toilet Seat Covers (10 Piece), $13, Amazon

These disposable toilet covers make potty training in public easier. Unlike covers you'll find in most restrooms, these are roomy enough to drape over the entire toilet. They're waterproof, feature an adorable bunny print to make kids more comfortable with the idea of public toilets, and come in individual packs you can throw into your diaper bag.


4. Colorful, Sparkly Tablets That Make The Potty More Inviting

Color My Bath Whiz Kids Potty Training Tablets, $8, Amazon

While we're still on the subject of potty training: boy, can it be difficult. If there's a product that makes it any easier, most parents are all over it. These colorful potty training tablets, which are made from ingredients like soda ash, citric acid, and dye, and come in a variety of sparkly colors and shapes, turn toilet water into magical hues. Let your toddler pop one into the potty and it may encourage them to actually use the potty.


5. Flushable Tinkle Targets For Less Messy Potty Training

Tinkle Targets, $5, Amazon

These mom-invented tinkle targets really help if you have a little boy who is hitting everything but the inside of the potty when he has to go. Each target features a fun design like a spaceship or motorcycle with a hole in the middle that gives boys a place to aim for when urinating. Deposit one into the toilet before he goes and simply flush it away afterwards. Who knows, it might save you the hassle of cleaning up the toilet lid, floors, walls, and vanity.


6. An Award-Winning Night Light That Transforms From A Sun To A Moon

The Good Nite Light, $44, Amazon

You really can stop your toddler from jumping on your bed at four in the morning, but it may take a little help from this genius sleep training night light. This adorable "clock," designed for children ages 2 to 5 years old, features a built-in timer that transforms it from a soothing, glowing blue moon which dims after an hour and then when it is time to wake up, it turns into a yellow sun that brightly beams to let kids know it's okay to get out of bed.


7. Magnetic Child Safety Locks That Won't Damage Your Furniture

Smart Baby Magnetic Child Safety Locks, $26, Amazon

These magnetic child safety locks let you keep your kitchen cabinets intact while keeping little ones away from knives, glasses, and potentially dangerous cooking tools and utensils. These door locks fit most drawers and cabinets, require no tools for installation, and won't leave dents behind or destroy paintwork. The 3M adhesive backing sticks without leaving residue behind and reviewers say these locks are simple to install and sturdy.


8. Self-Closing Outlets That Eliminate The Need For Outlet Covers

ZizHome Universal Electric Outlet Cover (pack of 4), $10, Amazon

These universal electric outlet covers look like traditional covers, with one innovative feature, they automatically seal up when you're not using them — without additional accessories. They don't require any special installation, and they come with four in a pack.


9. A Pacifier Medicine Dispenser That Provides The Perfect Mess-Free Dosage

Munchkin the Medicator, $4, Amazon

This unique baby medicine dispenser has a pacifier on one end and a medicine dispenser with measurements on the other so you can easily fill it. Your baby can then suck on the nipple and slowly receive medicine without choking or spitting it up. It comes in four bright colors and is safe for babies ages 12 months old and older.


10. Baby Knee Pads For Painless Crawling

Astonbee Baby Knee Pads (3 Pairs), $13, Amazon

Give your baby the freedom to move about with these baby knee pads, which offer a layer of protection to protect their knees as they're crawling around hard floors or carpet. These waterproof pads bend to fit the shape of their little knees and prevent cuts and bruises. They can also be tossed in the washing machine and dryer and come in colors like green, blue, and pink.


11. A Mushroom Training Toothbrush That Prevents Choking

Mushroom Infant Training Toothbrush, $14, Amazon

When infants and toddlers are just starting to learn how to brush their teeth, there's plenty of trial and error involved — but nothing should make you fear they might choke on their toothbrush. Those doubts will disappear when they use this mushroom training toothing, which has a large barrier that prevents them from inserting the brush too far into their mouths. You'll get two brush heads suitable for newborns up to 8 months old and 8 to 24 months old and the BPA-free brush is made from 100 percent food-grade silicone.


12. Training Spoons That Turn Colors When Food Is Too Hot

Lullababy White Hot Baby Spoons Set (5 Spoons), $9, Amazon

These smart BPA-free training spoons have non-slip handles, a curved shape that makes them easy to grip — and they can perform a magic trick: the tip of the spoon turns clear when the food on it is too hot. Instead of blowing on your baby's food or never knowing when it's just right, this soft plastic spoon takes the guesswork out of feeding time.

In addition to boasting cool technology, reviewers say these are simply great training spoons: "This spoon set is great!!" writes one reviewer. "Quality spoons just the right size for that sweet baby's tiny mouth. It comes in six different colors and in two useful sizes. The two sizes are baby size for feeding a young infant and toddler size for self-feeding. They are sturdy spoons and I do not worry about using these with my own children. They are soft and a great material for babies to chew on."


13. A Foldable Bath For Travel Or Small Spaces

Aojia Baby Folding Bath, $46, Amazon

This incredibly convenient folding bath doesn't take up space and can be easily stored. Recommended for newborns to toddlers, it features a non-slip material that is safe to use on flat surfaces, a heat sensitive bath plug that indicates the water temperature, and a built-in hook for easy drying and storage. Unlike other baby tubs, this opens to a full-size tub and reviewers say it's great if you're visiting a home that only has a shower. They also caution that the bottom can be slippery and it's best for older babies — a non-slip bath mat is also a big help.


14. A Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier That Can Be Made With A Water Bottle

Multifun USB Humidifier, $13, Amazon

If you sense your baby is catching a cold before you travel, but aren't convinced they need a full-size humidifier, this mini cool0-mist humidifier is genius because it works using nothing but a bottle of water and a USB cable. Simply place this lightweight, quiet, and portable humidifier into a glass or bottle of water and connect the USB plug to a power adapter. Your baby's cold symptoms can be alleviated no matter where you roam.


15. A Unique Bottle Holder For Hands-Free Feeding

The Beebo, Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder, $30, Amazon

After being funded on Shark Tank by Lori Greiner and guest Shark Ashton Kutcher, Beebo — a hands-free bottle holder — went on to be massively successful selling thousands in the first week. It may look simple, but this universal bottle holder gives guardians so much more than make feeding easier, if also frees up your hand so you can read your little one a book or enjoy dinner with your family. It's also a great way for those with limited mobility to partake in feeding time.


16. A 3-In-1 Bib That Grows With Your Baby From Newborn To Toddler Stages

Color of Life SnapDragon Bibs (2 Pack), $20, Amazon

Why buy a bib that only fits your baby during one developmental stage when you can invest in this non-toxic, waterproof three-in-one bib that will take them from newborn to toddler stages? This snap-on bib is great for drool when babies are little, boasts a pocket for catching crumbs and spills when they begin eating solid foods, and transforms into an upper body apron for toddlers when it's time to work on arts and crafts. Each pack comes with one green and one orange bib.


17. An At-Home Scale That Can Be Used With Babies And Toddlers

Health o Meter Grow With Me 2-In-1 Baby Scale, $39, Amazon

You may not want to wait for your baby's next doctor appointment to find out their weight, especially if you're breastfeeding or have a picky eater and weight gain is a concern. This two-in-one baby scale accommodates newborns, who can be gently placed on the tray, and toddlers up to 60 pounds, who can stand on the scale after you remove the tray. The LCD digital screen is bright and easy to read and a security lock gives the scale stability for a more accurate reading.


18. Bottle Holders That Keep Bottles From Making Contact With Germ-Ridden Surfaces

Honeypie Baby Bottle Holder, $15, Amazon

Feeding time becomes an independent endeavor when you have these silicone baby bottle holders for wide-neck bottles. Not only are the handles large enough for babies to hold on to, this device, which fits over and cradles a bottle, prevents the nipple from making contact with the floor when your little one (inevitably) drops it. These holders are BPA- and toxin-free and can be popped right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


19. A Stroller Organizer That Keeps Your Life In Order When You're Traveling With Your Baby

Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer, $30, Amazon

It may feel like you're packing up the world to take with you when you travel with your baby, but that may be because you lack the perfect stroller organizer to neatly fit all of your necessities. This organizer attaches to all strollers and features an extra-large pocket for your cell phone, more than one deep cup holder for both coffee and water, and room to store a sippy cup, keys, diapers, and a toy or two. Everything will finally be within reach.


20. A Pacifier That Automatically Closes When It Drops

RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier (2 Pack), $6, Amazon

Parents can spend countless hours a week (or so it seems) disinfecting pacifiers only to watch their babies drop them on the ground seconds later. This self-closing pacifier is a dream because it can detect a fall and has a built-in shield that automatically closes when it hits the ground. The nipple never gets gross and grimy, it's a BPA-free product, and it comes in several cute colors and designs like this sweet penguin.


21. A Berry-Shaped Texturized Pacifier For Teething Relief

RaZbaby Silicone Teether, $4, Amazon

This silicone teether combines two things babies love — a pacifier and the habit of sticking anything in their mouths to alleviate teething pain — in one great product. Made from 100 percent soft food-grade silicone, this texturized pacifier designed to look like a berry has bumps that calm inflamed gums and it can be stored in the freezer for extra relief.


22. An All-Season Cover For Baby Carriers That Keeps Babies Warm And Dry

Bebamour Universal Hoodie All Season Carrier Cover, $28, Amazon

Before you place your baby in a sweater, jacket, and baby carrier, possibly with a blanket thrown over for good measure, consider this all-season hoodie carrier cover, which keeps them warm on your travel. The cover, made from lightweight nylon with a polyester lining, snaps on to any carrier, has a detachable hat with zipper and buckle, and keeps babies cozy and dry. It doubles as a blanket in strollers on car seats.


23. A Bottle Sling That Teaches Your Baby How To Hold Their Own Bottle

Bebe Bottle Sling, $20, Amazon

The words "we're almost there" do nothing to quell a hungry baby's needs, even if you're en route, but there's no way you can tend to their needs while you're driving — especially considering how often babies drop their bottles. This bottle sling attaches to a car seat, works with most bottles, and helps teach your little one how to hold their own bottle. It should be noted that this is not recommended for use when your car is in motion — but pulling over and letting them feed independently will help them take charge of their own feeding sessions in the future.

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