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These 23 Celebrities Shared Their Pregnancy Cravings & It Got *Weird*

Celebrities, they're just like us, right? While so many of them must be really disciplined eaters to maintain their model and actress-worthy bodies, I have to believe that when they are pregnant they indulge themselves, even if it's just a little. Women who have been pregnant know that no matter how much you resist, those cravings can be pretty powerful and really distracting until you indulge them. So it's really not a surprise to learn about celebrities and their weird pregnancy cravings.

Some women crave anything with sugar and others go the more salty route. Some toggle back and forth between the two. Chrissy Teigen, model and wife of singer John Legend, is a frequent presence on social media, so it's no surprise that she's been sharing many of the details of her second pregnancy with her fans, including all the foods she has been indulging in. And really, what could be more relatable than Teigen's quest to satisfy her pregnancy cravings, from tacos to cinnamon rolls to her mom's scalloped potatoes and more?

Whether you are currently pregnant, plan to be pregnant, or just remember what it was like to be pregnant, you will probably see yourself (and your cravings) in these celebrities.


Mindy Kaling — Jelly Donuts

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When Kaling confirmed her pregnancy on Ellen Degeneres' talk show, she told the host that her big pregnancy craving was donuts, reported in the Hollywood Reporter. She didn't want the fancy kind you could find in Los Angeles, with matcha or bacon, but good old-fashioned jelly ones.


Khloe Kardashian — Popeye's Chicken

"The struggle is real," Khloe Kardashian wrote on Twitter on March 21. She really wanted that Popeye's chicken. Not Chik-Fil-A and not KFC, but specifically Popeye's. A day later, she gave into the urge and indulged.


Behati Prinsloo Levine — Apples With Tajín Seasoning

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Behati Prinsloo Levine, a model who is married to Maroon 5's Adam Levine, has been pregnant with her two kids for most of the last three years, so it's not surprising she's confessing to cravings. People Magazine reported that Prinsloo Levine's Instagram stories told of her apples with Tajín seasoning desire. Which of course makes us wonder what the heck is Tajín seasoning. Not to mention why anyone would season their fruit. Turns out it's a Mexican spice that's a blend of ground chili peppers, salt and dehydrated lime juice and kind of sounds yummy.

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Amanda Seyfried — Cottage Cheese

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When Amanda Seyfried was pregnant in late 2016, she confessed to W that she had some of the normal cravings, like anything with flour, sugar and butter, reported Delish. But she also told the magazine she had a craving she was a little more shy about — cottage cheese. Yeah, it's a little quirky but since the calcium and protein are so good for mom and baby, we can overlook the oddness of it.


Mila Kunis — Sauerkraut

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Mila Kunis's first pregnancy was notable for one big pregnancy craving — sauerkraut. She told Live With Kelly! that in the first half of that pregnancy she wanted all things vinegar, r


Ellie Kemper — Ben & Jerry's

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While ice cream isn't an unusual craving, getting very specific about your brand can be. Ellie Kemper said she was always a big ice cream lover, but when she was pregnant in 2016 she went hard for it, particularly Ben & Jerry's. She told Conan O'Brien she'd go to her local bodega every night and feel like an alcoholic feeding her addiction, embarrassed each time she went to pay for it.


Laura Prepon — Pastrami On Rye

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Laura Prepon went back to an old favorite when it came to the food she was craving. People Magazine said that Prepon told Live with Kelly and Ryan her dad used to take her to a Jewish deli when she was younger so when she was pregnant with her daughter last year, she not only had the pastrami sandwich on rye bread, but went deli-deluxe with a Dr. Brown's black cherry soda, pickles and cole slaw.


Hannah Jeter — Beef Jerky

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Of course it would be more convenient if Derek Jeter's wife craved a good ballpark hot dog, but the model told Extra it was beef jerky that she found herself desiring when she was pregnant with her daughter Bella last year.


Jessica Simpson — Salted Cantaloupe

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Liking cantaloupe and wanting to eat it incessantly during your pregnancy isn't that out there, but salting your cantaloupe? That's what pushes it into the "weird pregnancy craving" category, even though Jessica Simpson said to People she couldn't get enough of it.


Tina Fey — Entenmann's Chocolate Donuts

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Entenmann's used to be a very New York thing, but now the whole country can enjoy these indulgences. I don't blame Tina Fey one bit that these were her go-to pregnancy treats when she was pregnant with her daughters Alice and Penelope, according to What To Expect.


Tia Mowry — Kimchi Fried Rice

Not just any fried rice. Tia Mowry, pregnant with her first child, craved kimchi fried rice, she explained to Essence. Her husband, Cory Hardrict, enjoys catering to her whims, including bringing her "fried chicken with red beans and rice and some chitlins."


Joanna Gaines

The caption for this photo, by the reality TV star who is pregnant with her fifth child, read: "Woke up this morning at 2:30 AM and was craving fruity pebbles, a pimento cheese sandwich, chicken spaghetti, deviled eggs, and ranch dressing. Didn't have any of that so I made myself some cookies. With all the restaurant's final tastings, the cookbook (yes these cookies are in it!), and this pregnancy-I'm definitely growing at a record rate👌🏽#magnoliatable"


Eva Longoria — Aversions Only

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Eva Longoria told Entertainment Tonight that her first pregnancy isn't bringing any of the expected cravings. She's actually having the opposite reaction, which is aversions to foods she used to enjoy, like chicken. This happens to many pregnant women and they find foods they once loved, they now can't even imagine eating.


Nicole Richie — Wasabi

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Back in 2009, when Nicole Richie was pregnant with her second child, she told Access Hollywood that she couldn't get enough of wasabi, the green horseradish-like paste that is often served with sushi and in other Japanese dishes.


Amal Clooney — Risotto With White Truffles

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When pregnant with her twins, Amal Clooney was craving risotto with white truffles and husband George was glad to indulge her, a source reported to Closer Weekly. Lucky for Amal, George knew where to find the dish, because it's certainly not something you can get at the local Olive Garden.


Hilary Duff — Rice Krispies Treats

Back in 2011, when Hilary Duff was pregnant with her son Luca, she really wanted Rice Krispies treats. She said on Twitter she was trying to giving them all away, but I bet she had a few for herself and indulged that craving.


Hillary Scott — Pop Tarts

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Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott is pregnant with twins (her second and third kids) and as she told E! News, during her first pregnancy, the one thing (besides sleep) she couldn't get enough of was Pop Tarts.


Jordin Sparks — Pickles And Blood Oranges

When Jordin Sparks mentioned her pickles and blood oranges cravings to Us Weekly, it wasn't clear if she ate them together or separately. Due any day now, the singer was surprised to find those cravings disappeared in her second semester and were replaced by (sit down for this) a lack of appetite. Here's hoping she's found her way back to the pickles and blood oranges in the later days of her pregnancy.


Ginnifer Goodwin — Banana Peppers

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With her first pregnancy it was jalapenos, but for Ginnifer Goodwin's second pregnancy, it was all about the banana peppers, according to Parents.


Kate Middleton — Lavender Shortbread

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The Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly requesting lavender shortbread at the beginning of her third pregnancy, according to Fox News. Many pregnant women seek a good cookie, but it's possible the Duchess found the lavender helped soothe the severe nausea she felt early in her pregnancy.


Carly Waddell — Mashed Potatoes Mixed With Corn

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Bachelor in Paradise stars Carly Waddell and Evan Bass welcomed a little girl named Isabella Evelyn on February 15, but while Carly was pregnant, she was eating some pretty weird stuff, including a favorite — mashed potatoes with corn mixed into them, Bass told Us Weekly.


Kylie Jenner — In & Out Burger

Although Kylie Jenner never let on she was pregnant until after her daughter was born, she later confessed to People that her biggest craving and indulgence was In & Out burgers.


Beyonce — Ketchup

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When Beyonce was pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy in 2011, the Daily Mail reported that Beyonce had told Britain's Closer she never went anywhere without ketchup, enjoying it on foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which is perfectly good prenatal diet food, as ketchup is a vegetable, right?

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