23 Critically-Acclaimed TV Shows That Were Canceled After Just One Season

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Everybody has that one that got away, a beautiful moment of connection and understanding that was lost forever due to circumstances beyond their control. But I'm not talking about true love. I'm talking about something much purer: good TV. So many incredible shows were culled from the schedule because of ratings, or because they were just too ahead of their time. This list of 23 critically-acclaimed TV shows that were canceled after just one season proves that.

Plenty of shows come and go every season, but not many make a major impact. Some cancellations are definitely deserved: if neither the viewers nor the critics are catching on, then it might be a no-go. But other shows just needed a little extra time to find their footing, and years off their air have unexpectedly caused their audiences to grow much larger then when they first premiered. The shows on this list were a little weird, often unappreciated, but ultimately beloved by those they resonated with. It took them longer than most to find their fanbase, but that just makes it all the more heartbreaking that they were gone too soon.

Click on through to see if your favorite brilliant but cancelled TV series made the cut.

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