23 Feminist Tattoos That Are Perfect For Permanently Smashing The Patriarchy

by Meg Kehoe

Things that are no longer considered taboo: tattoos and feminism. It's no wonder they go hand in hand so beautifully. While scrolling through the unending amount of beautiful, feminist ink, I got the bug. I'm a feminist. I have a tattoo. I've always wanted another tattoo. So why not make it one of these glorious feminist tattoos?

I'm a big fan of getting a tattoo that means something personal to me. My first tattoo says "storyteller" because I'm a writer. That's what I do. Day in and day out, I'm a storyteller. It's something that will never change about me. Another thing that'll never change about me? Being a feminist. It's safe to say I'm always going to be living to smash the patriarchy, one outrageous standard at a time. Like these feminists before me, I think it might be time to start making a plan for a piece of feminist ink.

The best part of feminist tattoos? There's so many options. You can go full sleeve, complete with words, venus symbols, and callouts to your fellow feminists. Or you can keep it simple with something dedicated to girl power. There's no limit to feminist tattoos, and that's because the patriarchy has nothing to do with them.


Wrecking The Patriarchy

This mermaid is here to wreck the patriarchy, one ship at a time. She's even got her own feminist tattoo. What could be better?


I Make The Rules

Want a friendly reminder on your body for anyone who's thinking about trespassing, but not sure you want the word CONSENT tattooed across your forehead in all caps? This tattoo is witty, pretty, and lays down the law.


Not Your Babe

Kewpie is not your babe, and neither am I.


I Am Woman

Simple, beautiful, and a wonderful reminder that you will hear me roar while I glitter brightly like a diamond if you ever try and dull my shine.


Dead Men Don't Cat Call

Nothing says back off quite like the grim reaper, am I right?


Feminist Isn't A Bad Word

A reminder for anyone who's still stuck in the days of yore, feminist is not a bad a word. And a knife, just in case they don't get how serious you are.


Don't Devalue

This quote from Canadian horror film American Mary is a solid reminder to be strong, and value what you do, every day.


Girl Power

A tattoo of a tattoo is so meta. It's even better when that tattoo is all about girl power. Pink lips, pink nails, and a solid message to match.


Colorful Venus

Spice up the venus symbol by adding water color-like ink to the equation. It's beautiful, simple, and bold.


Grl Pwr

Six letters is all it takes to make a statement.



Don't ever forget that you are phenomenal. Add a venus symbol to the O, just to make sure you don't.


Simple Script

Plain as day, tattooing the word "feminist" on your arm is a sure fire way to answer that old, tired question of whether or not you're a feminist without having to say a word.


Smash The Patriarchy

Take a hammer, and smash it. Even if you're only chipping away at it slowly, you're still doing your part. Just like this tattoo.


I Am Enough

This one in particular speaks to me. You are enough, you will always be enough, and a gorgeous piece of ink is a perfect way to remind yourself of that.


Riots Not Diets

Eat the french fries, because feminists believe in riots not diets.


Squad Goals

Sonia, Ruth, Elena. The original squad goals. Nothing says you're supreme quite like the ladies of the Supreme Court.


Not Yr Bby

When in doubt, conversation hearts will get your point across.


Dear Patriarchy...

A friendly reminder to the patriarchy to please, back off.


Rosie The Riveter

Rosie's reimagined in this tattoo where she sports a venus symbol on her arm instead of a rolled up sleeve. Equally as badass, am I right?


War Paint

Eyeliner, lipstick, blush, powder, you name it, you want it? You wear it.


Fight Like A Girl

Fighting like a girl is something to be proud of, and these boxing gloves are just a simple reminder.



The goddess of the hunt, Artemis, knew how to take care of herself. She rejected marriage and love, became the protector of nature, and was the protector of all living things. Pretty badass, huh?


My Body, My Rules

You are in control of your body. You decide what happens. You decide what you want. Consent is not negotiable. And though it's frustrating to think women need to ink this on their bodies permanently to remind other of this fact, it's also empowering as hell to have a daily reminder that you are the captain of your own ship, and nobody can tell you otherwise.