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23 Funny Mother's Day 2017 Memes For The Mom With A Sense Of Humor


Mother's Day is almost here, and I honestly can't believe it's come up so quick. And as I've grown older, I realized most moms don't really get the holiday off. Take my mom for instance. Since I usually come into town for Mother's Day, she's spends the entire visit trying to make sure I'm comfortable, taken care of, and having a good time. The same goes for my sister who is a mom to an adorable toddler. So, when they sit together and share funny Mother's Day memes, I know that they are relating on a level that I don't quite understand yet. (But hope to some day.)

Sure, I can laugh out loud with them about the memes. But I can't connect with them about motherhood and the irony of Mother' Day. Of course I wish they actually had the day to themselves like it was intended to be, but something tells me that they really wouldn't spend their day any different. And honestly, I think that the other moms out there who share the same memes feel the same way.

So, if you want to join in on the fun and have a little laugh, these 23 tweets can help you do that.

1. Netflix & Mom

Real talk.

2. Perfect Gifts

She'll appreciate you more than you know.

3. Winner

That's totally the new way to spell mom.

4. Together We Stand

I feel your pain, mom.

5. Can I Have It Like That?


6. Amazing

Who else can do this type of thing?

7. Love More

It may be a tie.

8. Time Off

See what one weekend does?

9. Normalcy

Nothing out of the ordinary to see here.

10. Luxury

Even though this never lasts long.

11. Trading Places

Sorry, sweetie.

12. Excitement

Just five more minutes, please.

13. Boobies

Why do you hurt me so bad?

14. Naps

The best trick ever.

15. Let Go

It's life.

16. You Deserve It

Real life woes.

17. Sleep Disorders

Well they ever be treated?

18. Double Trouble

Can I get a do-over?

19. Motherhood

Spoiler alert: it isn't over when they turn 18.

20. Fingers Crossed

Meh — good enough.

21. By Myself

The best feeling.

22. Diagnosis

So that's what this is.

23. Strong Willed

Not today, satan.