23 Funny Parenting Tweets That Let You Know Life Is Still Really, Really Good


There's no denying that majority of moms everywhere have had an emotional week. Whether you were in favor of or against this week's polling results, the truth of the matter is, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to what's going to happen next in our nation. If you're like me and just so happened to steer clear of social media for the last few days, I totally suggest fixing your Election Day blues by searching for some of this week's funny parenting tweets to get your laugh on.

Laughter can really heal anything, believe it or not. Mix that in with kids doing and saying some of the craziest things and you've got the ultimate problem solver at your fingertips. Though I know it's hard to find a way to smile after all that everyone's been through this week, the way that I've gotten over it is to find the joy in the smallest things. And, right now, those small things are totally other people's children.

Children are truly the light of the world and if you believe that, then you'll surely find a way to smile when reading this week's roundup of tweets. Check out these 23 funny moments to get you back in the swing of things.

1The Flip Side

It happens to us all.

2Daylight Saving Time

Or more like parent night savings.

3History Is Made

You heard it here first, folks

4The New Slang

Well, at least they didn't really curse, right?


The Weeknd should definitely add this in the remix.


It's the little things.


You take what you can get.

8Party Time

Or laundry time. Whatevs.

9Treasure Hunter

The cutest.

10Step In The Name Of Love

That's a workout in itself.

11Fresh Prince

Try it, really.

12Nightmare On Lion Street

Who would've thought?

13The Good Juice

Totes valid.


This is a good reason, though.


I need answers!

16Know It All

And, it totally works.

17Nailed It

Parenting pro level: 100.

18Sarcasm In Baby Form

Either way, you've got a winner.

19Weird Days


20Eye Contact

Well, this is uncomfortable.

21Oh Yeah?

We don't believe you.

22Try Again

What's sleep?

23Cat Vs. Toddler

It's really like that.