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23 Hilarious Tweets About Your Starbucks Run, Where Anything Can Happen


Love it or hate it, Starbucks is pretty much impossible to escape in many areas. From drive-throughs in the suburbs to busy shops on every city block, the ubiquitous coffee chain is all over the place. That's why these hilarious tweets about going to Starbucks are so relatable to many people. Pretty much everyone has yielded to the siren song of that coffee-slinging mermaid at least once or twice.

Starbucks has become a global phenomenon since its humble start in 1971 as a single shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market. As of June 2015, Starbucks has 22,519 stores in locations all over the world, according to the Starbucks website. The company has turned drinks like the Frappuccino into household names.

But like any popular major company, Starbucks has its share of detractors as well. Jokes about its overly complicated drink orders, as well as the company's unique words for drink sizes, have been around for years. Seriously, it feels like everyone and their dog has made a joke about grande lattes.

So whether you hit up the Starbucks drive-through every morning — or you find the very idea of a flan-flavored latte ridiculous — these fresh tweets about Starbucks will make you crack up. It's some new jokes about an old favorite. Read on to see what the Twitterverse makes of this coffee-serving giant.

1. Just Chill

brokeangei on Twitter

OK, this is an exaggeration. But sometimes it's nice to have more drink than ice, and I'm looking at you, iced chai lattes.

2. Expectation Versus Reality

jeffgordonfan01 on Twitter

The barista life is not all about sipping new drinks and chilling. There's a lot of thirsty people you have to serve.

3. Everyone's Wish

btbeautyx on Twitter

One day in the future Starbucks will deliver, and you will never have to go without a vanilla latte again.

4. Relationship Goals

patricklaugh on Twitter

You can just buy it yourself and pretend it's a surprise, right? That's almost the same thing.

5. Go For It

tijaanabbas on Twitter

To be honest, deciphering that menu isn't for the faint of heart. I mean, there's a type of tea called the "citrus defender".

6. If Only

barrycolthorpe on Twitter

Don't you mean Starrr-bucks? (I am so sorry.)

7. Seriously

graciemartin01 on Twitter

It just goes on forever, even though this is supposed to be your rest and relaxation day.

8. Oh No

reginald_chan on Twitter

What is this relaxation nonsense? Doesn't that guy have some apps to update or something?

9. Rename

juliagracewhy on Twitter

I don't even need the context for this. It is forever a pinkity drinkity in my mind now.

10. Accio Caffe

i_love_fudge on Twitter

If she can do both, that's some impressive multitasking.

11. Take Notes

thoughtfloss on Twitter

Hey, trying to please a whole office's worth of coffee lovers isn't easy. Picky is the name of the game.

12. Coming Soon

pleatedjeans on Twitter

OK but at least one person would try to order each of these flavors. I'm a little curious about actual wasps, to be honest.

13. Guilty

eringilfoy on Twitter

You can only have one coffee shop in your mind and heart.

14. Mission Accomplished

schwartz_emily1 on Twitter

To be fair, frothing all that milk is sort of time consuming. Ordering from a menu takes almost no effort at all.

15. Say My Name

sevenpom on Twitter

This is quite possibly the best Starbucks name story I've ever encountered.

16. Delicious Pre-Regret

ryneayoung on Twitter

Knowing you shouldn't have it just makes the drink that much sweeter. Or something.

17. Same

seaweedsong on Twitter

Sometimes too-real moments happen in Starbucks. At least you have a whole menu's worth of treats to choose from as immediate comfort food. There are certainly worse places to have a mini-breakdown.

18. Model Siblings

jessicadrosario on Twitter

What else would you text about? It sounds like you have perfect communication.

19. Excuse Me?

oldhondacivic on Twitter

Wait, you weren't looking forward to the moment when your name gets shouted out in public? Because that is the best part of a Starbucks trip sometimes.

20. Heartwarming

_amazingemma_ on Twitter

To be honest I would pay for a pupuccino. That thing looks delicious.

21. So True

maybetomhanks on Twitter

OK, but doesn't it make you feel the tiniest bit fancy?

22. Not News

fairy_kotori on Twitter

Let us enjoy our glorified milkshakes in peace, OK? Nobody expects a caramel-drizzled chocolaty confection to be a health food.

23. Winner, Winner

mrphetz on Twitter

Some people need that sweet bean juice so badly that common manners don't matter anymore. It's all about the rush.

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