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23 July Cat Names For Your Lil' Firecracker


If you've decided to adopt a new cat into the family this summer, then congratulations. That cat or kitten is probably thrilled to have a new home. To commemorate the occasion, consider a July cat name for your newest four-legged family member. These cat names inspired by Independence Day, as well as summer itself, are sure to please even the most picky of felines.

Plus, by adopting a cat in the summer months, you're helping shelters get through kitten season. Running from late spring through early fall, kitten season is the time of year most kittens are born, as explained in the Animal Shelter Assistance Program. The influx of kittens can put a strain on shelter's resources, so it's an especially helpful time of year to adopt (although there's no bad time to adopt an animal, really). Plus, you will literally have the pick of the litter, because there's likely to be a huge selection of cats in need of homes.

For plenty of people, July is a time of celebration. It means Fourth of July festivities, backyard cookouts, and beach vacations. And this celebratory time is also pretty ideal for bringing a new kitty into your home. Grace your cat with one of these summery, patriotic names inspired by the fun and festive month of July.

1. Adams

Honor one of the founding fathers with this patriotic name. Honestly, I love the idea of a whole household of cats with names like Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Adams.

2. BBQ

It's the classic summertime food and past time. If the name is a bit long, then call the cat BB for short.

3. Benjamin

Yep, back to the whole founding fathers theme. This time, though, the first name would make a great cat moniker.

4. Betsy

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Name your cat after the American flag's designer, Betsy Ross. This is a super great choice for a striped cat.

5. Brats

Show your love for bratwurst with this fun name. It's perfect if your cat is a little on the bratty side, too.

6. Brave

It's perfect for your kitten who doesn't seem to have any fears. It truly is the home of the brave with some felines.

7. Cherry

This name could honor cherry pie or the (illegal) cherry bomb fireworks, whatever you decide.

8. Dawn

It gives you an excuse to sing "by the dawn's early light" throughout the whole year.

9. Doodle

Doodle is such a cute name for a spastic kitten. Maybe his whole name is Yankee Doodle.

10. Firecracker

I hope someone names a super chill cat Firecracker. It's an amazing moniker.

11. Hot Dog

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There's something adorably subversive about naming a cat Hot Dog. Plus, it's a yearlong reminder of the July 4 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, one of the most amazing and bizarre American contests ever.

12. Independence Day (Indy)

Go full-on patriot and name the cat Independence Day (or Indy for short).

13. Lemonade

The classic summertime drink is a little sweet and a little tart, just like your sassy cat.

14. Liberty Bell

This one has so many potential nicknames, including Lib, Bertie, and Bell.

15. Philly

Honor the colonial city of Philadelphia with this name.

16. Red

Go ahead and support your patriotic colors. Bonus points if this name goes to a giant orange cat.

17. Roman Candle

Yes, back to the fireworks theme. "Romie" could make a good nickname.

18. Salty


If you and your family are all about that beach life in the summer, then consider naming your feline friend Salty.

19. Shell

Another beach-inspired name, Shell is perfect for a sweet-tempered cat.

20. Stars

Please pair this one with a cat named Stripes.

21. Stripes

Please pair this one with a cat named Stars.

22. Washington (Wash)

Hey, it's another patriotic kitty name. Call him Wash for short.

23. Watermelon

It's the quintessential summer fruit. Also, I had a cat named Watermelon when I was growing up, and she was a super sweet little cat. Really, the July-inspired cat names would be great to use any time of the year.