23 Kids Shows On Amazon Yours Have Totally Been Missing Out On

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When it comes to finding the right show to entertain children, the options are seemingly endless. Several cable networks are now dedicated specifically to content for children, and there are countless streaming services available can be overwhelming to scroll through. To help parents out with this issue, Romper has compiled 23 kids shows on Amazon that you and your family have likely been missing out on.

The best part about Amazon's family content is that it ranges over several age groups. There are several animated series that are dedicated specifically to younger children (think pre-school age), but also a few live action programs that are clearly made for the "tween" group.

Below you'll find a vast range of Amazon's family content, including some very familiar faces like Rocky and Bullwinkle, Pete the Cat, and Kung-Fu Panda. There are also some unique programs on the list, such as Wishenpoof, Little Big Awesome, and Tumble Leaf that will not only entertain your children, but also teach them things like sharing, creating, and the value of friendship.

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