23 Mother's Day Necklaces To Gift Mom, Because She Deserves To Shine

Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means kids of all ages will soon be scrambling to find the perfect present. No single gift can impart all the love and gratitude moms inspire, but there are lots of gorgeous, unique, and customizable Mother's Day necklaces that can come pretty close.

Necklaces might be the easiest type of jewelry to gift, because you don't have to worry about guessing her ring size or the right length to make sure a bracelet won't fly off her hand. When it comes to necklaces for moms, you have so many different options. You can go with a birthstone necklace, with each colorful gemstone representing you, your mom, and your siblings or kids. You can choose a locket and enclose dainty pictures of her loved ones. You can pick a traditional pendant, or go with an on-trend piece — but either way, it's the thought that counts. Any one of these necklaces is sure to put a smile on a mom's face, as long as it's purchased with love.

Perhaps best of all, you don't have to pick between stylish or sentimental. Any one of these 23 necklaces is a great mix of both.