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These 23 Shows Will Be Back On Network TV Soon

After the wintery desert that was television in December, January is about to lend itself to an ocean of new content. All of your favorite shows will be back in just a few short weeks, picking up right where they left off. You'll want to know when these 23 network shows are returning in January so you can make sure not to miss their winter premieres.

None of the shows on this list are series premieres; they're not shows that are debuting for the very first time. Each and every one is a show that's already halfway through its current season or about to start a new one. But even after discounting series premieres, there's still an incredible amount of shows coming back to the big networks. And by that, I'm referring to NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and the CW — this doesn't even takes premium channels or streaming services into account. I'd start making room in your schedule for all this TV now, because you're going to be very busy catching up over the next month.

Sitcom fans will have a surplus to choose from; superhero enthusiasts will be more than satisfied. Any hourlong drama you've grown to love will soon be breaking your heart once again. There'll be so much TV to enjoy this January that you might feel like Christmas has come again.

The Gifted (Jan. 1)

You can start the month off with The Gifted on Fox.

Gotham (Jan. 3)

Then continue the superhero drama when Fox's Gotham returns for its fifth and final season a few days later.

Fresh Off The Boat (Jan. 4)

If you feel like you don't have enough Constance Wu in your life in between Crazy Rich Asians installments, then Fresh Off the Boat has you covered on ABC.

Speechless (Jan. 4)

Following Fresh off the Boat is the winter premiere of Speechless.

The Bachelor (Jan. 7)

Is it really a new year until there's a new Bachelor? Colton Underwood undertakes the challenge of falling in love with a mansion full of women.

The Conners (Jan. 8)

The re-tooled reboot of Roseanne, aptly renamed The Conners, checks in with the family when Season 1 continues in January.

black-ish (Jan. 8)

Black-ish returns in time to be the perfect accompaniment to its Freeform spinoff grown-ish.

Modern Family (Jan. 9)

Haley's pregnancy announcement ended Modern Family's fall finale, so its winter debut will likely deal with the aftermath.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Jan. 10)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine finds itself on a new network when it launches its sixth season on NBC after being cancelled by Fox.

The Good Place (Jan. 10)

Though The Good Place didn't jump from one network to another, it'll be investigating a whole new location on NBC when it comes back.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Jan. 11)

Rebecca Bunch is about to bid adieu after several seasons of musical personal growth on the CW. The show's fourth season will be its last.

The Flash (Jan. 15)

Haven't had enough of superheroes yet? The Flash kicks off the CW's entire extended super-universe when it returns in a few weeks.

This Is Us (Jan. 15)

Perhaps the holiday season didn't offer you enough opportunities to bawl your eyes out while swooning over Sterling K. Brown. If that was the case, rest easy: This Is Us will be back on NBC before you know it.

Riverdale (Jan. 16)

Picking up the Stylish Teens Getting Into Murderous Trouble slack from Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the return of Riverdale is guaranteed to bring its fans more campy shenanigans.

Grey's Anatomy (Jan. 17)

The Thursday night lineup has been a years-long tradition on ABC, but its schedule has seen one big change since Scandal ended. Luckily, Grey's Anatomy isn't going anywhere.

A Million Little Things (Jan. 17)

However, A Million Little Things will now be filling the void Scandal left behind. It's not a Shondaland production, but it promises to bring the drama.

How To Get Away With Murder (Jan. 17)

Proving that not everything changes, HTGAWM will be back in its regular time slot to close out Thursday nights on ABC.

Supergirl (Jan. 20)

Supergirl takes flight once again before the month is over.

Charmed (Jan. 20)

The CW's newest version of Charmed has covered a lot of ground in its debut season, but it's not done yet. Viewers can see where the season takes the sisters soon.

Arrow (Jan. 21)

The CW is here to make sure you never have to go a night without a caped crusader (metaphorically speaking, of course; not everyone can pull off a cape).

Black Lightning (Jan. 21)

Black Lightning will shift to a new spot on the schedule (moving from Tuesdays to Mondays), returning after Arrow on the CW.

Legacies (Jan. 24)

Legacies takes familiar characters on new journeys in the latest spinoff of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Will & Grace (Jan. 31)

The month ends on a high note with the super-successful revival of Will & Grace settling back into its regular spot on NBC.

And that's just half the shows returning to network TV in January. This upcoming month will redefine the phrase "spoiled for choice."

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