23 Parenting Tweets That Perfectly Explain The Concept Of Motherhood


Parenting, from what I've grasped, is one of those things that doesn't really have a right or wrong method. I think that most parents forget that what may work for them doesn't necessarily work for another pair. Though this is definitely something to keep in mind when raising your little ones, it's good to also remember that there's always someone out there for you to relate to. Proven through this week's round-up of parenting tweets, if you've been wondering what parenting is like for everyone else, here's your chance to see that it's quite similar to what you're going through.

Every time I scroll through my tweets from my parenting friends, I automatically think of the stories my sister tells me about my niece. Although I don't have children of my own, being able to see what everyone else is going through via social media and then hearing my sister tell her stories, lets me know that this is what I should be expecting when my time finally comes. Sure, I'm a little nervous about one day becoming a mom, but when I see all of the great people nailing it in the ways that work for them, I realize that I'll be able to do the same thing.

Need a little laughter or relatableness for the day? These 23 tweets from parents all over can help with that.

1. Kid Potatoe


2. Teach Them Right

I mean, what else would it mean?

3. Power Poop

You gotta learn the game.

4. Breakfast

I'll cosign this.

5. Polite Gestures

At least she was nice about it.

6. Lyin' Versus Lion

Too smart for their own good.

7. Guessing Game

Whatever it is, shrug it off.

8. Shots Not Sh*t

How do you deal?

9. Reminders

What am I doing again?

10. God & Eve

What a blessing.

11. Day & Night

Totally relatable.

12. Welcome To Parenthood

How the times have changed.

13. Retaliation

The worst.

14. Natural Wakening

There's no such thing as sleep.

15. Clean Queen

Oh, you fancy, huh?

16. Bad Words

This is true.

17. Sharing Is Caring

This is real life, folks.

18. Just A Little Bit

It won't hurt anyone.

19. Terrorist Toddler

This is totally possible.

20. Daddy's Exciting Day

Life comes at you fast.

21. Snacks For The Win

Mama's gotta have a life, too.

22. Snotty Situations

To hell with the to-do list, clearly.

23. Shopping Buddy

This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill.