23 Parenting Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Fatherhood

During my childhood, I always wished I had a more active father figure. My stepdad worked a lot, which made it difficult for me to spend as much time with him as I would have liked. And my birth father didn't talk to me much, which made me wonder if there was something wrong with me. That's why when I see parenting tweets about fatherhood, I get a warm feeling because I'm reminded that there are great dads out there love to spend time with their children.

When I see my niece interact with her dad, she always looks so happy and that, in return, makes me happy. Regardless of what anyone says, there's no impact or love like the one you get from a father. So seeing so many men step up and take care of their responsibilities is amazing. Sure, many people can argue that it should be naturally done, but I believe that anyone — mom or dad — should be applauded for braving the world known as parenting. It's not an easy feat, but those who choose to do it are probably killing it.

Ready to see how some dads are nailing it? These 23 tweets will prove that fatherhood is really the best hood to some men.

1Sleep Is Life

What is sleep?


What does your reel say?

3Perfect Start To The Day

What's better in the morning?

4Poo Delay

Pay attention to the eyes.

5Dishwasher King

Why can't this be a thing?

6Unicorn Dad

Who wouldn't want to live this life?

7Christmas All Year

I'd wear them, too.

8Potty Training

That clearly trumps everything in the world.

9Cute Toddlers

This is real.

10Calm Down

Feet off the jewels

11Hiding Hank

Everyone's lived that life.

12Surprise, Surprise

Even Hov knows what it is.

13Weird Dad

This is actually quite normal.

14Laughing Matter

This is real pain.

15Father Before


16Dirty Diapers

We believe you.

17Cleaning Days

Who else cleans like this?

18'Star Wars' Stud

Nailed it.

19Gassy Gertrude

Don't you lie about it too?

20Best Dad Ever

How selfless is that?


Best compliment ever.

22Daddy Hair Day

Keep pushing, dads!

23Butt Wiping

Not even God himself.