23 Parenting Tweets That Reveal The Laughter & Love Of The Job


Every week, I'm tasked scouring Twitter to find some of the best tweets from the parenting world. Thought I'm not a parent, I find much relief in doing this because it reminds me that it's OK to make mistakes if I do become a mom someday. Not to mention, those parenting tweets show me that kids — no matter how cute and loving they are — can drive you absolutely crazy, and that's totally OK to say.

When I was younger I told myself that I wasn't having children. Now that I'm well into my 20s, I can say that having children crosses my mind a little more than I thought it would. I'm not sure if it's the pressure from the "when are you having children?" questions that come around every year from family and friends or if my "biological clock" has started turning, but the thought of kids doesn't make me cringe anymore. Between the parents that I personally know and the lovely parents of Twitter, I have come to see the good, bad, and yucky truths of becoming a parent.

I know I can never be prepared to have a child until I have one, but reading this week's 23 tweets of believable parenting encounters is helping me get a little more prepared than I was before.

1Coffee Fix

I feel ya.

2Feeding Time

Or not.

3Opening Doors

Was that...banana? o_O

4Set Examples

You gotta do what you gotta do

5Fix It

Well hey, at least they said something.

6Mixed Signals

That's the way the cookie crumbles.

7Crumb Monster

It's like that, y'all.


It's truly the best policy.


Translation, please?


Isn't that how it goes?


When is it not?

12'Me' Time

Does it even exist?

13Petty Dad



One of the best parts.

15Little People

They should win an award.

16Are We There Yet?

This question never gets old.


It takes you places.

18Grown Up Toys

Everyone needs one.

19Perfect Mixture

And snacks. Don't forget the snacks.

20Hidden Figures

You're not alone.

21Beneficial Mistakes

You'll find something useful for them.