23 Revenge Of The Fifth Tweets That Will Bring You Over To The Dark Side


For those unfamiliar with the Star Wars universe, Revenge of the Fifth is a day when when fans of the franchise embrace their dark side and share a little humor on its behalf. And if you're ready to step into the mind of a Sith Lord fan, there are some pretty epic Revenge of the Fifth tweets that will bring you over to the dark side.

Since Star Wars Day, also known as May The Fourth, began in 2011, there's been no looking back. The day has turned into an official Star Wars Day and, shortly following it, fans everywhere started to put a punny twist on the following day: May 5, or Revenge of the Fifth. This is a reference to Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. And it occasionally leaves fans debating whether to celebrate on May 5 as Revenge of the Fifth, or May 6, as Revenge of the Sixth. Regardless, it's become a dark and twisty outlet for Star Wars' fans to release their inner dark side.

As you celebrate the day and potentially reach out to your favorite Star Wars-obsessed friends, take a minute to read through some of these Revenge of the Fifth tweets for a good, dark laugh.

1. Never-Ending Star Wars Memes

2. It's OK, Today's Revenge Of The Fifth

3. At Work Before Coffee

4. Leggo Of My Jedi

5. The Musical

6. Find Your Inner Dark Side

7. Rise Of The Sith

8. It's Always 'Star Wars' Day

9. Lukewarm

10. Revenge Of The Nerds?

11. Choose Wisely

12. Enjoy Your Revenge Today

13. The Great Debate

14. Balance

15. Exterminate!

16. Take The High Ground

17. Just Trying To Enjoy My Revenge

18. Stay Positive

I'm guessing he doesn't have much experience with Sith Lords. You tell him – I don't want to.

19. Yesterday's Vote Was A Little Premature...

20. The Dark Side Wants To Celebrate, Too

21. Just Not Too Much Celebration

22. Hangover Equals Revenge

23. Be Safe Getting Your Revenge Though