23 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Pregnancy

Television and film might sometimes exaggerate the whole pregnant woman stereotype, but there is surprising amount of truth behind those played out punchlines. Yes, at some point, getting in and out of any kind of seated position will prove challenging. Yes, you will probably get a really weird craving and for some reason you need it at that exact minute. Yes, morning sickness sucks because it doesn't only occur in the morning, as its name implies. At times may feel like you're going crazy, but you're definitely not alone. A quick peruse of tweets about pregnancy can instantly put your mind at ease.

From posts so funny you pee your pants (though, TBH, that probably already happens pretty easily) to tweets that totally capture the wide range of emotions a woman can go through during pregnancy, the mothers-to-be of Twitter completely get it. Even celebrities, like Chrissy Tiegen, tweet about pregnancy moments that are both hilarious and honest.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a social media aficionado, you don't have to be a Twitter guru to appreciate the uber relatable and #accurate tweets that these women have shared as they ride the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy. Check out these top posts and see if any of them hit the nail on the head for you.


The Real Cookie Monster

Sometimes a girl just needs artichokes and ice cream and doesn't need you to ask questions, OK?


Perfect Reasoning

Who can argue with a sassy pregnant woman? No one.


Who Counts Calories?

Calories, shm-alories, am I right?


The Nine Month Wait

Sometimes it honestly feels far longer than 40 weeks.


Praise Hands

Always a safe bet to not call a pregnant woman dumb, just saying.


Fortune Teller

You've been warned.


Maternity ≠ Muu Muus

Oh my god, yes! Maternity wear shouldn't just be large, shapeless sacks.


All The Feels

Damn you, Hallmark commercial!


The Bladder Struggle Is Real

Don't worry. You don't need to invest in the adult diapers yet.


The Comparison Game

Oh, no big deal, I only gave you life.



You know the saying: once you go back, on the couch, you can't get back up. Ever.


Must Get Sleep

You're growing a human being. You're bound to need some Zs.


No One Talks About This One

It wasn't until I was pregnant that I even knew excessive drooling was a legit symptom during pregnancy.


Fast Food Problems

No one will judge you for crying in the parking lot of a drive thru. You're pregnant, you deserve as much.


Hormones Gone Wild

This really sums it all up, doesn't it?


Sweet Moments

Carrying your child truly is a unique and special time.


Sounds A Bit Backwards

Maybe just keep gum on hand at all times?


Solidarity Sister

Women just know.


Dissecting Dante's Inferno

I'm assuming somewhere between the fourth and fifth rings of hell?


Here's The Kicker

It's like getting butterflies in your tummy, except it's your baby and your heart might burst.


Halfway Mark

Only 17 more weeks to go.


Wardrobe Malfunction

Oh, the hours I've spent looking longingly at clothes I'll have to wait six months to wear again.


Touch Your Toes?

Little did the church goers know just how much they were helping out a pregnant woman with a seemingly easy task.