24 Movies To Watch On Netflix When You're Pregnant & Can't Sleep
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Toward the end of my pregnancies, I always had a hard time sleeping. Whether it was the incessant pain in my lower back or my racing brain that kept me awake, sleep eluded me. Around midnight, I would make my way to the living room and turn on the TV (sound off, with captions) to keep me company while the rest of my family snored peacefully. These movies on Netflix are great to watch during pregnancy. All I wanted to watch while expecting were funny and tear-jerking flicks, and these perfectly matched my mood. Or should I say, moods?

Some nights I hankered for a mushy drama that matched the storm of feelings that made me sleepless as I contemplated being a new mom. The movie didn't even have to be about pregnancy — seeing people falling in love hit me right in the feels, too. Nostalgia would grip me and hold tight as I watched the coming-of-age movies I enjoyed when I was a child. Or, like an emotional see-saw, other times I just wanted to laugh until my belly shook and the baby kicked me in protest. I'd watch until I was sleepy enough to go to bed or until I missed half the movie while dozing off. Bless Netflix for the endless hours of movies to cry or laugh to when your pregnant body won't let you get some rest.


Obvious Child

Let's face it: some pregnancies are unplanned, and movies like Obvious Child depict the complexities of that situation with poignant comedy. After comic Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) becomes pregnant following a fling, we follow her as she decides what to do about the pregnancy — and her life. The conclusion is an unexpected but refreshing take for a rom-com with touching moments.


Bridget Jones’ Baby

Renée Zellweger returns as the lovable but neurotic Bridget Jones in the final installment of the trio of comedies about a British woman redefining love and family on her terms. The funniest part of this movie has to be her two suitors (played by Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth) quietly fighting over her as she gives birth. Even though it came out 12 years after the second Bridget Jones film, Bridget Jones’ Baby gives fans of the franchise a satisfying farewell to a beloved character.


Falling Inn Love

Netflix became sappy rom-com central for me in 2019 with all the great romantic original content they rolled out. If you can relate, queue up this Christina Milian vehicle about a corporate girl gone country in the New Zealand "wop wops." She meets an infuriatingly handsome local handyman while renovating an inn and the rest is your classic meet-cute.


Now and Then

I am convinced 1995 was the best ever year in movies, as Jane Hu wrote for Uproxx a few years ago. Now And Then is one of my favorite films of that year. It's full of familiar '90s actors including my personal teen heartthrob Devon Sawa. The film is a heartwarming look at the way our friendships grow and change with time.


Set It Up

I'm calling it: Set It Up is the best Netflix Original rom-com released in 2019. Two beleaguered staffers link up to get their workaholic bosses in the sack together. I won't spoil the plot twist, but it's so creative that it will delight you even after you see it coming.


Always Be My Maybe

If you're not already obsessed with comedian Ali Wong after her gut-busting, hilarious Netflix specials Hard Knock Wife and Baby Cobra, the movie Always Be My Maybe will win you over. Come for the mismatched pair of Wong and her real-life buddy Randall Park as lifelong friends falling in love. Stay for the hilarious Keanu Reeves cameo.


Mamma Mia: The Movie

Not all musicals deserve the big-screen treatment, but Mamma Mia: The Movie delivers the goddess Meryl Streep, who is always worth watching. Amanda Seyfried is charming as the bride-to-be trying to suss out which of her mamma's old lovers is her father. The musical features the music of Swedish pop group ABBA, so sing along to your heart's content.


Four Weddings And A Funeral

Rom-com royalty Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell star in this classic comedy about a British chap in love with an American woman who's about to marry the wrong guy. I adore across-the-pond love stories. Chances are you've seen it before, but even if you have, it's worth re-watch.


Sex And The City: The Movie

Escape into the fabulous NYC lifestyle of fictional writer Carrie Bradshaw and her affluent gal pals. If you're a fan of SATC, the movie provides a satisfying conclusion to the story lines that made pop culture history. But with all its sexy sophistication, the big screen version is a fun watch even if you've never seen the long-running HBO series.



First of all, Angela Bassett is my queen, so I was super excited to see her co-starring in a comic film with fellow veteran actors Felicity Huffman and Patricia Arquette. In this movie, a trio of moms road trip to NYC to pay a surprise visit to their sons, who forgot to acknowledge them on Mother's Day. Otherhood has a great message about motherhood as you grow older, and is full of chuckles and poignant moments.


Sleeping With Other People

If you're looking for a sexy, light-hearted flick to take your mind off whatever ails you, Sleeping With Other People will do the trick. Keep up with the carousel of lovers entertained by friends with benefits (Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie) who don't realize they're actually in love with each other. You'll figure out the plot within two seconds of the opening scene, but you'll be too busy laughing to care.



Danielle Macdonald stars as Willowdean "Dumplin" Dickson, a plus-size teen who has to deal with her mother's obsession with beauty pageantry and beauty standards. You'll be utterly charmed by Jennifer Aniston playing Dumplin's Texas beauty queen mama. The heartwarming ending will hit you right in the pregnant feels.


Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Carried by an airtight ensemble cast including Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock, Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood deserves a place of honor among the best films about women's friendship. It's just right for times when you're itching to watch a movie that's neither too heavy nor too light on substance. Bonus: You'll get a kick out of all the hairstyles from the early aughts. (Was it really that long ago?)


Mona Lisa Smile

You'll probably recognize many of the faces starring in this period piece about the lives of young women at Wellesley College. Navigating stereotypes and gender norms for women, each character learns her strength while leaning on her friends for support. It's one of my favorite feminist films.


Wine Country

SNL funny ladies Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey are back together in Poehler's directorial debut. Wine Country combines booze, lifelong friendships, and petty feuds, with pretty humorous results. There are plenty of slapstick moments in it for you to get your jollies, but the touching writing about aging is also great.


The Week Of

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler play the predictably ridiculous fathers of two engaged lovebirds. Joining their interracial families and cultures would be fodder enough for the veteran comics to mine, but these two dads take it over the top with their rivalry. By the time "the week of" the wedding is over, will they kiss and make up?


Fun Mom Dinner

A zany group of moms out on the town gets into enough harmless trouble to cure their need for freedom for a long, long time. If you're fantasizing about how a night away from your kiddo might go, Fun Mom Dinner takes the idea and runs it over a cliff. Molly Shannon rarely disappoints, and she gives a great performance here.


About Time

Apparently, I have a soft spot for movies about infatuated time travelers. Enter About Time, a British comedy about a young man (Domhnall Gleeson) who learns about the family gift of traveling through time. He uses his newfound talent to snag a lovely lady (played by Rachel McAdams), with unexpected results (okay, so, they totally are expected; it's a rom-com after all).


Eat Pray Love

The cinematic result of writer Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling memoir, Eat Pray Love could only succeed with Julia Roberts and that iconic smile. Only Roberts could make me watch a closeup of someone slurping spaghetti and sigh with satisfaction. It helps that her love interest is swoon-worthy Javier Bardem. Oh, that accent!


One Last Thing

Tearjerker alert: Talented actor Wendell Pierce shines as a father reunited with his long-lost adult daughter (played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell). The early plot twist is that she's dealing with a serious illness. You will want to grab some tissues for this one.


The Lake House

I'll admit I'm biased toward any movie starring both Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (my romantic comedy king and queen, truly). An architect and a doctor and fall in love while writing each other letters at the same lake house, never knowing they're writing across the distance of two years, 2004 and 2006. Time travel, but make it literary.



The Academy Awards where the hosts flubbed the Best Picture Award (they gave it to La La Land when it was supposed to go to Moonlight) went down in history as one of the most embarrassing televised mistakes. But no bones about it, the gorgeous cinematography and writing in the Mahershala Ali-led film breaks your heart and puts it back together at the same time in this moving film. The story of a young man learning to accept himself through the love of an adopted father is perfect.


Tall Girl

Even if you're years removed from being in high school, you'll still relate to this teen-centered movie about a high school girl who finds the beauty in standing out when all she wants to do is fit in. Throw in a love triangle, prom dates, and it has everything a girl (of any age) could want in a chick flick. But the premise is original enough for it to feel refreshing.


The Competition

Your eyes do not deceive you: The Competition stars Chris Klein and Thora Birch, who were both mainstays in coming-of-age '90s films. A jaded blogger who believes she has the key to avoiding heartbreak (break up in six months or less) meets a charmer who tries to convince her that love can't be contained by her rules. The competition that ensues between them is silly, but cute nonetheless.

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