25 Baby Boy Names That Will Make Other Moms Jealous

by Kristina Johnson

Naming a baby is incredibly difficult. As you pour over lists of options, you'll find many that you like but just don't love (and if you're going to commit to a name for life, you've gotta love it). For me, the naming experience got even harder when I had a boy. While my daughter was named pretty early on in my pregnancy, picking my son's name came down to the wire. But even though you might have to dig a little deeper, there are plenty of baby boy names that will make other moms jealous that you can choose from.

While you should go with a name that you love and find meaning in, you might want to consider following a few rules of thumb when choosing the perfect name for your baby boy. Pop Sugar noted that a quick google search of your intended baby name could help you make sure your son won't share his moniker with any shady characters. suggested checking out your boy's potential initials, to make sure they don't spell out anything that could lead to teasing. What To Expect pointed out that you should make sure you're happy with all the shortened forms of the name you love, so your little one doesn't end up with a nickname you hate.

While checking off all those boxes might seem like a tall order, it's totally doable. So with that in mind, here are 25 baby boy names that will leave other moms wondering why they didn't think of that:



A rock star name is automatically cool. Pay homage to the great David Bowie by using his surname as a first name. Bowie is an Irish name meaning yellow-haired, according to Huggies.



Another name with a rock star vibe, Axel means "small oak tree" according to Parents.



The name Wilder has been growing in popularity since 2015, according to BabyCenter. Entertainment Tonight noted that Scrubs star Donald Faison used it for his son born that year.



Remy is a French name that's become increasingly popular in the U.S., according to Nameberry. You might remember it from the Pixar movie Ratatouille.



Names don't get much more stately than Ulysses. She Knows noted that it's shared by both a beloved American president (Ulysses S. Grant) and a Greek mythological hero.



Chase is another last name as a first name that's become popular, according to The Bump. It's been around since the Middle Ages, but still feels modern and cool.



Wyatt has been burning up the popularity charts in both the U.S. and Canada, according to Nameberry. Though it's much more common as a boy name, be warned — actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis used it for their daughter, too.



Few actors are hotter right now than This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, so it's no surprise his first name is becoming popular. Parents noted that Milo has roots in German and means "soldier."



Roman has its roots in Latin, according to Baby Name Wizard. It simply means "from Rome," and what cooler namesake than the Eternal City?



Literary-minded parents will see the cool factor in Dashiell, a name shared by The Maltese Falcon author Dashiell Hammett. BabyCenter noted that while it's a long way from common, the name has been steadily climbing in popularity the last few years.



Ford might call to mind a car brand for American parents, but it's actually an Old English baby name meaning "river crossing," according to The Bump.



You can be pretty confident there won't be any other boys named Radley in your son's school. The name means "red meadow" and is English in origin, according to Nameberry.



For a nature inspired name, River has a nice ring to it. The name has been rising in popularity for more than a decade, according to BabyCenter.



It's no wonder the name Amir has a powerful vibe to it: it literally means "prince," according to The Bump.



Aurelio just might be the perfect name for a golden boy — it's Italian for "golden one," according to Nameberry.



The X sounds like a Z in the baby name Xavier. Baby Name Wizard noted that the name has religious connections, thanks to St. Francis Xavier, but it still feels fresh and modern.



If Alexander feels too common or too formal for your boy, the nickname Xander stands on its own as a first name. Oh Baby Names noted that it means warrior, which lends it another level of cool.



Funnyman Dax Sheperd may have a lot of little namesakes running around. Nameberry noted that Dax has seen a fairly steady spike in usage since about 2007.



No, it's not pronounced like the Christmas tiding — Noel is a "boy's name" that sounds like "knoll". Parents noted that it's perpetually popular, staying in the top 1,000 for the past century or so.



If Samuel feels a little too common for you, you could try Samson. Nameberry noted that the biblical strongman's name is about 600 spots lower on the popularity chart than Samuel.



Silas hovers just outside the top 100 most popular baby names, according to BabyCenter. Singer Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel chose the moniker for their son born in 2015, according to E!.



Everett sits just outside the top 100, according to Nameberry's popularity ranking. It's a name I seem to be hearing more and more lately, so it could be primed for a rapid rise up the charts.



It's a baby name that you might say is legendary. Babble pointed out that Tristin was a Knight of the Round Table for King Arthur.



If you've never met a baby Nixon, you might be surprised to hear it's cracked the top 500 according to Nameberry. Apparently Utah residents are wild about the presidential name, as it's well into the top 100 there.



Anders puts a Scandinavian twist on Andrew, according to She Knows. If Andrew seems too popular for your taste, Anders could be an awesome option.