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25 Baby Names For Air Signs, That Will Keep Your Little Libra, Aquarius, Or Gemini Totally Grounded


Choosing the perfect baby name can seem like an impossible task. When there are thousands upon thousands to pick from, how do you even begin to narrow it down? Well, parents who never leave the house without checking their horoscope first might want to look to the zodiac for inspiration. There are so many fun and unique air sign baby names that could be a perfect fit for your little one.

The three air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. You can give a nod to your child's astrological element by choosing a name linked to air or wind. noted that the air signs are all highly intellectual, so names with a studious meaning could be apt. The individuals signs offer tons of inspiration as well. Names linked to water are totally suitable for Aquarius kids, since its symbol is the water bearer, according to Cafe Astrology. Names linked to justice could be perfect for little Libras since its symbol is the scales of justice, according to Star Sign Style. And Astrostyle noted that Gemini babies are represented by the twins, so you can look for names with a "double" meaning.

Here are 25 names to consider for your air baby.

1. Dara

A baby born under an air sign may grow up to be a whiz kid, since air signs are known for intelligence, according to Zodiac Fire. With that in mind, you might pick a name like a Dara. It means "pearl of wisdom," according to Baby Name Wizard.

2. Alden


A baby boy with a name like Alden seems sure to grow up to be a perfect gentleman. The name means "old friend and wise protector," according to Baby Center. It's an uncommon name, but the website's rankings show it's made a big jump in popularity recently.

3. Sage

Sage may be a spice, but She Knows explained that it's also a baby name meaning "wise one."

4. Shannon

Air sign or not, most babies tend to look like little old men when they're born. That makes a name like Shannon, meaning "old and wise," according to Nameberry, adorably apt.

5. Alfred

The name Alfred means "wise counselor," according to Parents, and now I'm wondering if the creators of Batman knew that when they gave the moniker to the superhero's trusted butler.

6. Raymond

Raymond is another name option conveying wisdom and intelligence. It means "wise protection," according to Baby Name Wizard.

7. Akilah

The sweet and feminine name Akilah is packed with girl power. It means "intelligent and logical," according to Nameberry.

8. Charles

Babies born under an air sign may grow up with a strong independence streak, according to That makes the name Charles a fitting choice, since it's Old English for "free man," according to Baby Name Wizard.

9. Lottie

If you're looking for a feminine alternative to Charles, Nameberry suggested Lottie. It's a shortened form of Charlotte, and also means "free man."

10. Malaya

Another name meaning "free" is the gorgeous sounding Malaya. It's of Filipino origin, according to Oh Baby! Names, and cracked the U.S.'s top 1,000 names list as of 2006.

11. Darby

If you're into last names as first names, you might love the sound of Darby. It's a Gaelic name meaning "free man," according to She Knows.

12. Winnie


Air can either blow like a sweet, gentle breeze or a strong, destructive wind. Sticking with the softer side, a name like Winnie (which means "gentle friend," according to Baby NameScience) could be a fitting choice.

13. Gareth

Gareth is another name that means "gentle," according to She Knows, even though it's also got some legendary connotations. Gareth is one of the Knights of the Round Table in the tale of King Arthur.

14. Dalia

Dahlia may be better known as a type of flower, but it too means "gentle" Nameberry explained.

15. Keanu

Another air sign appropriate name is Keanu. It means "breeze," according to The Bump, and is rooted in Hawaiian.

16. Aura

I would have guessed the girl's name Aura was linked to the sun (like the similar sounding Aurora), but Parents noted that it actually means "soft breeze."

17. Larkin

Anyone who's ever lived through a tornado or a hurricane knows that air can be just as damaging a force as fire. That strong side can be reflected in a name like Larkin, which means "rough or fierce," per Nameberry.

18. Aria

The name Aria literally means "air" in Italian, according to Babble. You can also choose to spell it as Arya in a nod to one of Game of Thrones' best characters.

19. Zephyrine

You can be pretty confident that there's not going to be another Zephyrine in your kid's class if you choose this unique name. The Bump noted that it's rooted in Greek and means "west wind."

20. Ren

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Names meaning water could make a splash for Aquarius babies. The name Ren might make you think of the '90s kids show Ren and Stimpy, but it's meaning is super pretty: Nameberry noted that it's Japanese for "water lily."

21. Douglas

Those with Scots blood may be drawn to a name like Douglas for their Aquarius kiddo. Oh! Baby Names explained that it means "dark water."

22. Moses

If you're looking for a biblical name for your Aquarius baby, Moses might be perfectly fitting. The name means "drawn from the water," according to Baby Center.

23. Justin

Libra babies may grow up to be all about fairness and justice, thanks to their sign's link to the scales of justice. That makes a name like Justin totally fitting, as Baby Name Wizard noted it means "rightful or just."

24. Kato

Even if you've got a singleton, names meaning twin will be appropriate for Gemini babies. One such choice is Kato, which is a Uganda name meaning "second of twins," per Nameberry.

25. Thomas

Thomas also means "twin," according to Behind the Name. It's a classic name that's remained pretty consistently popular over the years in the U.S.