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25 Baby Names That Begin With "H" That Will Warm Your Heart

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The average parent considers approximately seven million baby names before ultimately deciding on one perfect moniker. Or at least that’s what it feels like. Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a process that is equal parts fun and incredibly stressful, because there are so many different ones to consider. If you’re struggling to find something you truly love, start by taking it letter by letter. There are plenty of adorable baby names that start with the letter “H” that are masculine, feminine, and unisex, and one just might be right for you.

Start by thinking about what you really want in the name of your child. Are you looking for something common, classic, and traditional, or would you prefer to opt for something more unique and out there? Do you want something that feels more gendered, or are you looking for something unisex? Traditionally spelled or guaranteed never to be found on those personalized magnets kids always want? One thing is for sure: once you hear the right name, you’ll know right away whether you love it or not. The perfect name is out there, and you will eventually find it, even if it takes the entire nine months of pregnancy to do so.

In the meantime, here are some baby names that begin with “H” to help you find the perfect choice for your family.



There’s nothing new about the name Harper (it was made famous decades ago by author Harper Lee), yet it still feels like a modern name because it’s so trendy right now. This unisex name was originally a last name meaning someone who plays the harp, according to Baby Center, but now it just sounds fresh and cool.



Henry is a classic name with regal roots that has also become more popular in the past several years. The German origin of the name means “estate ruler,” but it has a decidedly English feel to it, considering some of the most famous kings of the past have had the name Henry.



Last names as first names aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Harrison has risen through the ranks in the past few decades, according to The Bump. Maybe Harrison Ford has something to do with it? The name doesn’t exactly have any special meaning to it, but it’s a fun one for a boy with a cute nickname option. (Harry!)



Hunter has a pretty obvious meaning: according to Nameberry, it literally means “one who hunts.” Of course, your child isn’t destined to be a hunter just by this name. And while it may have more of a masculine edge to it, Hunter has still been used for girls many times — it’s an unexpected choice that really works.



Unique and sure to make anyone with it stand out, Hadley is an English name that means “heather field,” so it has a nice nature feel to it. Hadley has also been deemed modern and sophisticated by Nameberry, which is certainly very true.



The girl’s name Hayden peaked around 2008, according to Baby Center. It’s a last name that was turned into a first name, but it still feels pretty and delicate (perhaps thanks to actress Hayden Panettiere). It means “hay valley,” which isn’t exactly exciting, but maybe it means your child will spend a lot of time outdoors.



It’s basically impossible not to think of Harry Potter when you think of the name Hermione, so it may be for diehard HP fans only. But the name’s history actually predates the books by thousands of years. It’s also the female version of Hermes, the messenger to the gods in Greek mythology.



The boy name Hector is another moniker linked to Greek mythology, according to Baby Name Wizard. He’s the warrior killed by Achilles in The Aeneid — or for those who prefer the movie version, the dude played by Eric Bana in 2004’s Troy. It also means “holding fast,” which shows the strength of your little one.



Hope as a girl's name has been around for hundreds of years, according to Nameberry. Along with Faith and Charity, it's one of the three Christian virtues that Puritans started using as baby names in the 17th century. Despite its antiquated origins, it seems to be a classic that never totally goes out of style.



We may think of it as an eye color, but the name Hazel is actually derived from the plant, according to Baby Center. After steadily falling in popularity through the 20th century, it's started to climb back up the charts recently. Perhaps that's thanks to Hazel Grace Lancaster, the fictional girl in the tear-jerker The Fault In Our Stars.



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Hadrian is a unique baby boy name choice that probably won't feel too "out there," thanks to the famed Hadrian's Wall in the UK. In Swedish, the name means “dark,” so if you want your baby to have a mysterious side, this is a cool name to give them. And you can basically be guaranteed that no one else will share it.



Hadassah is a biblical name of Hebrew and Israeli origin that could be too dated for some. But Nameberry noted that you can give it a modern twist with a sweet and short nickname like Haddie, which is adorable and fun. This is also a good way to show your religious side if you're into that.



Harley is technically a unisex name, but The Bump noted that it's taken off as a girl's name recently. Perhaps parents are paying homage to the classic motorcycle? While it doesn’t have any special meaning behind it, this is an interesting name for any child.



I'll admit I'm biased on this one, since it's a name that's been used for generations in my family. Nameberry noted that Hardy is German name meaning bold and brave, and it's starting to gain more traction as a boy’s name in the U.S. It’s another unique option that is sure to stand out.



Hamal is an Arabic boy's name with a sweet meaning: lamb, according to She Knows. It's a more unique alternative to the well known Jamal. And who knows? If you name your baby Hamal, maybe they’ll have the sweet nature of a little lamb as well.



If "place names" like Brooklyn or Dakota are feeling a little stale to you, Holland might be a breath of fresh air. It’s a different take on the trend of naming your baby after an actual place, and it has a lovely ring to it. Perhaps a babymoon to the actual place could help you decide? Holland also happens to be in the Netherlands, one of the happiest places in the world, so your little one may be imbued with joy.



You could say Hudson is another take on the trend of naming your baby after a place. Still, it’s a bit more traditional, and is often thought of as a name for a boy, although it’s definitely become more popular for girls as well. The Bump refers to this option as “winning and adventurous,” which definitely isn’t an incorrect way to describe it.



If you’re looking for something unique, feminine, and delicate, try Heloise. The name has a super girly feel to it. According to She Knows, it's a French variation of Louise, and is derived from the Old German name Helewidis, which means “hale and wide.” Louise means “famous warrior,” so Heloise basically means super strong and independent.



You might assume that Hero is meant for little boys, but it's actually linked to a female in Greek mythology, according to Oh Baby Names. It could be the perfect name for your little super babe. The Greek origin of the name means “demi-God,” so this is a perfect name for a baby who is going to take on the world with lots of bravery.



If Helen feels a little too old-school for your taste, you might love the similar-yet-totally-different Helene. It's a French variation meaning "bright, shining one," according to Nameberry. It feels a little more feminine and also a bit more fresh and unique than Helen. It definitely has more of a modern vibe to it in a beautiful way.



You might see a lot more little boys named Hakeem running around in the next few years. Nameberry noted that it's one of the fast-rising boy names out there. This is also a name with a really special meaning: in Arabic, Hakeem means “wise.” Your son is basically destined to grow into a sweet, wise man with this name.



If you want a truly unique name that no one else will have, try Hamish. It’s a moniker that comes with a Scottish flair, and means “supplant,” which feels a bit regal. It's also an alternative to the more common James, according to She Knows, so it’s a fun spin on that one. This is a really cool and different option.



The name Haven has been around for ages, but Jessica Alba really put it on the map when she chose it for her daughter in 2011, according to The Bump. It means “place of safety” or “shelter,” according to She Knows, which means that your little Haven could become someone who is always willing to lend a helpful hand.



Alba nabbed another H name for her daughter: Honor. Baby Center noted that the name has seen a sharp bump in popularity in recent years, and it’s unclear whether or not that’s related to its celebrity status. This is a virtuous name that has a lot of integrity, and it could really be used for a boy or a girl.



If you're expecting a little rock star, you might love the name Hendrix, after one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Parents noted that the rockstar-inspired name is becoming more common. This is also a derivative of the Dutch and German name Hendrik, which is a form of Henry meaning “estate ruler.” So this also has some regal vibes to it as well.