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25 Easy Morning Rituals To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Whether you're a morning person or dread getting out of bed, starting the day can be a lot better when you do it next to another person. In the midst of the morning rush, taking time to connect with your significant other may not seem that simple. But there are many easy morning rituals to make your relationship stronger that are worth the thoughtfulness, time, and commitment you put into them. They show your partner you care and can make the morning a more pleasant time.

None of these mandate you rise before dawn with the diligence for details of Steve Jobs. But they do suggest that you rethink the meaning of time with your partner. Even if you're the biggest morning grump, the start of a new day is brimming with possibilities. (Discloser: I'm a morning person.)

According to Psychology Today, studies indicate that negotiating how to spend time with your partner is one of the fundamental stages of a relationship. After all, you've got a lot going on, and waking up is a reminder of all the things you've got to do, which can bring on stress. Rituals can alleviate stress, according to a new study highlighted in Scientific American. Simple rituals, the study showed, can boost your confidence, quell nerves, and help you take on the day. So, why not bring your partner into the fold, and try the following morning rituals that can help make your relationship stronger.


Leave A Lingering Note

Before you leave the house for the day, spritz the bedroom with your signature scent. According to Thought Catalog, different types of men call for different types of perfumes to seduce them. Once you've found a banging aroma, use your signature scent to make your relationship stronger. As noted in Psychology Today, physical attraction itself may literally be based on smell.


Leave An Actual Note

When you leave your partner a morning love note, you're reinforcing that he or she is always on your mind. It's a small gesture; you're not penning something out of Byron, especially before two cups of coffee. But, according to the Huffington Post, small acts in a relationship are actually a big deal, and don't really take that much effort.


Look Each Other In The Eyes When You Wake Up

Science confirms that eye gazing is a sign of love, according to Psychology Today. Taking the time to look your partner in the eye is a morning ritual that enhances your connection.


Say Good Morning To Each Other

This may seem obvious, but not so much. Make a concerted effort to start the day with a "Good morning," to your partner. Easy and cute ways to say good morning to your bedfellow can never be a bad day to start the day.


Keep Things Tidy

If you've ever dated, you know how small annoyances can turn into explosive fights. According to another article on Psychology Today, one of the top annoying habits is messiness. So, why not start the day with an act of cleanliness? Not only can this ritual enhance your relationship, I can't think of a better time to wash the dishes than when I'm half-asleep.


Respect The Silence

There are some people who you just don't talk to in the morning. Respecting the morning silence is actually kind of sexy. Not only are you fulfilling your partner's needs, you're doing things together, like wash and dress, without words.


Stretch Together

According to Prevention, research shows that going from groggy to a functioning adult takes time. A couple minutes spent in a morning stretch routine can help you get adjusted to the day. Do this with your partner and you'll bond without saying a word.


Practice Sun Salutations

You don't have to do a full body yoga workout straight out of bed. According to Yoga Journal, just 20 minutes a day of sun salutations can help get you energized and focussed. With your bedfellow as your workout buddy, you can both motivate each other to stick to a routine.


Take Turns Making The Coffee

Need I say more?


Respect The Need To Sleep

What can be an easier ritual than leaving your partner alone in the morning? Well, a lot of things. Resisting the urge to wake your partner when you have opposite sleep schedules is no easy task. But, according to Everyday Health, it's important to respect your partner's different sleep schedule, and doing so will only make your relationship stronger.


Take Turns Walking The Dog (Or Do It Together)

Even the laziest pup can't wait for the morning walk. And neither should you. In the middle of the morning rush, wouldn't it be nice to have a ritual that included spending time with your pet, and your lover. According to WebMD, spending time with your pet can make you happier. You've got a couple minutes for happiness, right?


Make The Bed

Psychology Today reported a study that indicated people who made their beds in the morning are happier and more successful. When a couple takes on this task together, things can get, er creative, or you can just be the awesome couple with perfect linens.


Shower Together

According to Cosmopolitan, guys think outrageous things when they're showering with you. But this easy morning ritual isn't just sexy, it gets you clean in all the hard-to-reach places.


Take Turns Making Breakfast

According to Live Science, you should never skip breakfast if you care about your health. Alternate who gets to prepare the eggs, or tag team the kitchen and get culinary together.


Pack Your Partner Lunch

While you're in the kitchen, take five minutes and put a brown bag with last night's leftovers and a fork rolled in a napkin for your guy. When they digs in at lunchtime, they'll be thinking of you and how much you care.


Stay Off Your Phone (Mostly)

I'm not going to be unreasonable. A morning email check is just a fact of modern living. But try to stay away from your phone for the rest of the time you spend in the morning with your partner. Psychologist Dr. Laura Berman told Everyday Health that research indicates that the use of cellphones diminishes the level of intimacy in relationships. Besides, how would you spend your morning commute if you weren't scrolling your social feed?


Play Some Songs

According to Business Insider, successful people start their day by listening to music that reminds them of loved ones. By jamming out with your bedfellow, you're setting each other up to have a groovy day.


Strive For An Orgasm As Soon As You Hit The Snooze Button

Ring the alarm. A morning quickie is a ritual I'd choose every day.


Drink Juice Together

According to Time, drinking green juice, even the store-bought kind is a straight shot to good health. This is a no brainer for a stronger bod and relationship.


Pray Together

Give a morning prayer a try and see if the couples that pray together stay together.


Power Walk Together

Fast walks in the morning are the new long walks on the beach. According to Prevention, brisk morning walks are an effective for burning fat and expending lots of energy with your bedfellow. I like to think of it as a warm-up to the main power moves of the morning.


Tell Your Partner A Morning Joke

Psychotherapist Dr. Barton Goldsmith told Psychology Today that couples who take time to make each other laugh keep a relationship healthy and playful. Having a chuckle in the morning with your bedfellow is an easy way to share the ironies of life with someone.


Send A Morning Snap

With the filter of your dreams to make you appear your cutest, send your partner a snapchat every morning at the same time, especially if you don't get to spend the mornings in physical proximity.


Say Something Kind

Never underestimate the power of kindness. It doesn't take very long to say something kind to your partner, even in the morning rush. According to Health, a quick moment of gratitude can improve your relationship. So, gush if you must.


Fist Bump When You Say Bye

Maybe you're that cool couple who has a secret handshake when it's time to part ways. When in doubt, the fist bump is a go-to move that signifies hope and awesomeness. And, according to the same Health article, nonsexual touching is super important to help keep a romantic relationship going strong.