25 Funny Parenting Tweets That Everyone Can Relate To


It's the end of another week and I'm sure you've worked so hard to get here. Whether you're a stay at home mom, a lady working a nine to five, or a freelancer with a computer on her lap for 13 hours a day, you deserve a laugh or two to celebrate your amazing feat of the week. If the typical funny movies or drinks with friends aren't what you're in need of, this week's roundup of funny parenting tweets will be a suitable choice instead.

When I have a rough week, I'm always looking for a way to make it better. To me, laughing and smiling are the way to do that. Since I can't always get to my family and spend time laughing with my niece, I have to do the next best thing: scroll through my Twitter feed to see what other parents or children lover's are experiencing.

My niece is only two years old, but she's always got a story to tell, a smile to share, and a question to ask. I know that other people have similar experiences, and I'm very thankful that they choose to share them on social media for my amusement.

If you need a little laugh to brighten up your day, these 25 tweets will do it for you.

1. Washable Or Nah?

Nah, clearly.

2. Never Taking A Toddler Grocery Shopping

Seriously, just don't.

3. #DadLife For The Win

Finding Dory is much better, anyway.

4. Clean Up, Clean Up

Go ahead and do your share.

5. Welcome To The #DadLife

Let's bond over throw up.

6. Yawning Or Yelling?

Seriously, who can tell?

7. Everytime The Beat Drops

Dance it out.

8. Unknown Origins

Let's hope for the first option.

9. Threenanger

Call Beyoncé. There's a new diva in town.

10. Get Cozy

Anyway works.

11. The Golden Gates

Yes, the fridge can be heavenly.

12. Throwback Tunes

Raise them up right.

13. Sharing Is Caring

Unless it's soggy food.

14. Ring The Alarm

No, literally.

15. Moments Like This

Gotta love the kiddies.

16. Get Them Thinking

And if they think too much, they won't ask anymore questions.

17. Unstoppable

Yep, in my white tee.

18. Liquid Courage

Gotta get it how you live.

19. Love In Different Forms

At least he thought of his dad in the morning?

20. Poopy Nights

For different reasons, obviously.

21. Pumpkin Pie

All day, every day.

22. What's To Eat?

Everything you don't want.

23. Sneaky Parents

Sometimes, you just need your own stash.

24. Worst Day Ever

I feel your pain. Trust me.

25. Pizza In the Morning, Pizza In the Evening

Pizza at suppertime.