25 Hilarious Memes For Stay-At-Home-Moms, That Will Make You Say "Umm... Me"

by Emily Kelleher

Being a stay at home mom can mean being a chef, chauffeur, housekeeper, driver, accountant, personal shopper, therapist, day care teacher, entertainer, expert item locator, butt-wiper, spill-cleaner-upper... the list goes on. It's an all-consuming, 24/7 job, and a thankless one at that. Kids won't promote you for all the late hours you've been putting in, or pay you overtime, and you can't exactly take a day off when you start to get burnt out. What you can do is blow of some steam by commiserating with other moms. With these stay-at-home-mom memes, you'll realize that the things that run through your head each day when you're left alone with your kids don't make you weird, in fact, they're probably running through the head of every other SAHM.

Forbes reported that if stay at home parents were paid for all the work they do, they'd earn over $115,000 a year by 2011 standards. For moms that work outside the home, the child care and chores they complete after work and on weekends would earn them $63,472 a year. The survey on which they based their findings, taken from, found that the average SAHM works 97 hours a week. Take that, rude people who ask what you do all day. More recently, found that in 2018, the average mom would make $162,581 a year, accounting for her work as nurse, photographer, event planner, academic advisor, facilities director, teacher, dietician, and much more. All that work can push you to your limit, but if you can find a way to laugh about it, you just might avoid crying about it. Keep scrolling for some major comedic relief.



They say the days are long but the years are short, and sometimes the days feel like actual years. On those days when you wipe someone else's butt three times before 9 a.m. and clean multiple spills before you've had your coffee, you might find that you're the one that needs a time out in order to avoid losing it.


Disney Dissapointments

Forget prince charming, I'd take an entourage of woodland creatures to do my dishes and fold my laundry over a tiara any day. I mean, Disney offered no warning about how many outfits such a tiny person could go through.


Lost Cheerios

It's a miracle kids don't starve with all of the places their food ends up besides their mouths. Lets just hope the Cheerios in the dog bowl wasn't a "I'll trade you half my lunch for half of yours" type situation.


All Day Breakfast

Why is it that kids who aren't hungry during dinner always manage to work up an appetite right before bed? As my mom used to say, "kitchen's closed."


Looking For Lost Items

You know what they say, nothing's truly lost until mom can't find it. Sometimes you wonder if they even looked or just walked into the other room for show before yelling "Mom."


Walk In The Park

Only people without kids would compare parenting to anything resembling leisure. There truly is no hood like motherhood.


Well Damn

It's crazy to think that your most prized possession grew inside of you. It likely wasn't an easy job, but damn was it well done.


A Nights Sleep

Is this what normal people feel like all the time?


Need Coffee

No I won't die but it won't be pretty. Now hand Mommy the cold cup of coffee she poured right before your last meltdown.


Baby Clothes

Sometimes you spend so much time dressing your baby to the nines that you forget about yourself. I for one would like to petition to save the nice clothes for the people who don't spit up on them and grow out of them in a month.


Sleepless Nights

That's cute. How about two, maybe three non-consecutive three hour naps?


Mary Poppins

It's easy to start the day with the best of intentions, but come hour 12, those things that made you smile in the morning may not be so cute. Moms are only humans, and contrary to popular belief, they do have a finite amount of patience.


R.I.P. Sleep

Remember the days when you set an alarm? Slept until 11? R.I.P. Now sleeping until 8 is a treat and you often do a whole list of chores before 9 a.m. Sigh.


Adult Time

Nothing makes you appreciate having a real conversation with someone over the age of four like staying at home with your kids all day. In fact, the opportunity to speak to a person that can respond with more than a gurgle may even occasion putting on a real outfit.


Adult Interaction

Sometimes that constant loop of inner dialogue just isn't enough to sustain you until your partner gets home. Hey lady at the grocery store check-out, weren't you wondering about the state of my son's digestion?


Ah Friday

To think you ever lamented only having only two days off per week. Ha. Now try not to fall asleep as you're tucking the kids in, it's adult time!


When They Finally Come Home

Sometimes bed time just isn't soon enough and you. need. out. Sorry honey, your turn!



Remember when you thought waking up before 8 on a weekend was a chore? So young, so naive.


Mom Brain

People call it "mom brain." I call it sleep deprivation is real and a tactic used to get information out of terrorists and I've been subject to it for years.


When Work Never Ends

In the life of a SAHM, there is no such thing as leaving the office on Friday and putting work out of your head until Monday. There is no "work-life balance." The work starts early, ends late, and often requires waking up in the middle of the night. It's all day, every day, holidays included.


An Hour Of Quiet

Imagine if you had to commute to your house each day? The coffee that could get drunk hot instead of being left in the microwave...


Goodbye Spotless Floors

Sometimes you've got to decided whether an hour of cleaning is worth the half hour of cleanliness. When you have kids, the mess knows no bounds.


Baby Talk

When you're caring for children all day, conversations that don't involve negotiating how many peas need to be eaten can be a huge relief. But sometimes you forget the rules of adult speak (and all the sleep deprivation can't help.) Don't worry, we've all been there.


I Dare You

Oh just about an infinite number of tasks. And how many butts did you wipe today?


Mommy's Juice

There are things you want, and then there are things you need. And sometimes, when you're at home with your kids all day, wine is a need. So go ahead, add it to the grocery list and start counting down the minutes until bedtime.