25 Honest Postpartum Tweets That Every New Mom Thinks At Least Once

As I grow older, I often wonder what becoming a new mom feels like. With 30 right around the corner, marriage and kids are (hopefully) not too far behind and I honestly can't wait. And with the majority of my friends having kids and the postpartum tweets I read on Twitter, I've gotten a little insight on what motherhood is like. (That being said, I truly can't wait to experience it for myself. )

The thing I like about not having a kid yet is being able to witness all sides of motherhood from those that I know. Whether it's through group text messages or reading a thread of tweets from the parents on my timeline, I get to see how the good, bad, and ugly plays out when it comes to parenting. Though each family may have their own set of personalities, one of the things I've noticed is that everyone experiences the same thing at least once when it comes to parenting.

To prove my point, here are 27 tweets from new moms that every mom has thought to themselves at least once. And, if you haven't, I'm sure you'll do it sooner than later.

1Presentable In Public

Leggings are pretty presentable if you ask me.

2Snuggle Time

Let's be kind to mom, shall we?

3Netflix In Mute

You can probably hear a pin drop.

4Secret Ninjas

Moms are really badass.

5Bad Hair Day

The shedding is real.

6Blessings On Blessings

Children are really the best.

7Does That Make Me Crazy?

Yes, and wired.

8Better Way

Every mom has felt this at some point.

9Accidents Happen

The worst.

10Stay In Your Lane

Let me parent how I parent.

11All Day Coffee

If only this could be a thing.


What is a Saturday, really?

13So Fresh

And so clean.

1410 Naps

Actually, let's make that 20.

15Memory Loss

You're not alone, girl.

16Unsolved Mysteries

You'll never solve this one.

17Sleepy Time

20? That's it?


How uncomfortable is this?

19Hair Loss

This is not a game.

20Lovely Wig

This is actually a really good idea.

21Bedside Service

Can we hire a nurse to do this for a few days?

22Squeeze Tight

You'll appreciate this advice later.

23Leggings For Days

Every day is a good day to wear leggings.


Sometimes moms just need a break.

25Bounce Back

You'll get there with time, sister.