25 Hilariously Accurate Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Pregnancy

by Olivia Youngs

As different as pregnancy is for each woman, there are certain things all moms-to-be can all relate to, no matter how smooth or difficult your pregnancy is. There's something about hearing that another woman is feeling the same way you do that creates a sense of camaraderie and the feeling that you're not, in fact, as crazy as you thought. The internet can come to the rescue yet again in the times you're feeling like you're the only mom who is sick of not being able to see her toes. You're not. These memes, that perfectly sum up pregnancy in all of it's glory, will show you that no, you're not alone, and yes, every other mom feels the same way you do — as uncomfortable, awkward, and beautiful as it is all at once.

Even if you don't know anyone else who is pregnant at the same time as you, there's something comforting about knowing that every mom experiencing some version of the same thing, whether it's the depths of morning sickness, the energized nesting phase, or the fears of your impending labor. Although most of these memes make light of situations that are actually very uncomfortable in the moment, they can serve as a reminder that pregnancy, like all aspects of motherhood, is as laughable as it is stressful (and sometimes painful).


Sleeping Like A Baby

Never was there a more misleading statement than "I slept like a baby".


All Of The Emotions

When you start crying at birth videos, you've reached a whole new level.


The Real Trimesters

Bless you, trimester two.


Contradicting Cravings

At least you can blame it all on the baby.


The Bump Will Trump All

At a certain point, the bump is really all you see anymore.


Deep Truths

Even in the weirdness, you'll never stop dreaming about meeting them.


Two Basic Needs

It's really not complicated at all.


Belly Vision

When you can no longer see your toes, there's no hope for fallen objects.


Pro Tip

You might as well write "mine" on everything in the fridge. Sorry, SO's you're out of luck for the next nine months.


Right To The Point

There's no point in making small talk when you already know the reason people call.


A Few Statistics

It's worth noting that the only overlap is for ice cream.


Bed Wars

Some parents have been known to get lost in the bed and never found again.


About That Heat Wave

Being pregnant during the months of May through September is basically like being pregnant in a sauna.


Societal Expectations

It's honestly a healthy mixture of it all.


Friendly Advice

Thanks for offering though.


Womb Temperature

Side note, make your pregnancy jokes sparingly.



I swear, the fridge was full an hour ago.


Shoe Struggle

At a certain point, every pregnant mom considers never wearing shoes again.


Handling Criticism

And then blame it on pregnancy brain, just like all of your other problems.


The Joys Of Pregnancy

Other than those small details, pregnancy is great.



And thank you for pointing out how insanely large I am. I had no idea.



It's just best to not even go there.


Womb Service

That's the real reason behind those late night cravings.


Battle Of The Cravings

TBH, it beats painting the baby's room any day.


An Important Recipe

But instead of " have kids" insert "grow tiny human" and instead of "coffee" insert "gross decaf".


Ikea Expert

It's an inevitable expertise for all expecting parents. Don't try to escape it.