25 Movies With The Hottest Sex Scenes You Can Stream Right Now

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The next time you're in the mood for a sexy flick, your favorite streaming service might provide some amazing options. In fact, the movies with the hottest sex scenes you can stream right now just might make staying in for the night steamier than ever. Basically, there's no chill to these Netflix options.

The best part is, these films offer so much to the viewer than what you're probably expecting: sex. Most are set in gorgeous locations such as France or Italy, so the setting alone is perfect for romantic encounters. Plus, the characters are, for the most part, complex and interesting, so likely to find yourself more invested in the plot. And hey, you might even learn something new about a particular place or point in history. Yes, this can be a learning experience in more ways than one.

Plus, these movies run the gamut in terms of genre. Some are broody foreign films, whereas others are more lighthearted . Whenever you're in the mood for something hot, at least one of these movies is sure to fit the bill. Oh, and don't discount streaming movies as soft, because some of these NC-17 options don't simulate anything. And I mean anything. Read on to find the perfect flick for your next amorous evening.

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